Square Enix: Endwalker "Boosted FF14 to the Status of the World’s Top MMO Games"

Square Enix's CEO discusses the success of Final Fantasy XIV's expansion, Endwalker, while the series has passed 173 million units sold.

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PapaBop92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

FF14 has to be one of the best gaming success stories in the last twenty years. Goes to show what can happen when you have the support and the right people can do for a game. Yoshi P is easily one of my favourite gaming developers. The way he both runs the game and interacts with the community should be the standard for a any company wanting to make a GAAS game.

MeteorPanda92d ago

Endwalker was a step backwards fromShadowbringers l felt, story telling wise. Felt like a visual novel in 80% of it.

However l understand the team was working on ff16 so lm looking forward to the new expansion with the game getting a much needed graphics update

TheColbertinator91d ago

Only A Realm Reborn had me enjoying the good times of 14