American Home users gets Killzone 2 outfits posted up a deal, where you get Killzone 2 outfits for PlayStation Home if you pre-order it. Hit the link for more details.

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cayal3795d ago

I'd rather a demo....

LoVeRSaMa3795d ago

and once again EU Users get sweet FA.

rebirthofcaos3795d ago

well i just pre order XD XD see you at home

ps id:amvient

Aclay3795d ago

I just got an email from the Playstation Network, and in the email it stated that if you Pre-order Killzone 2 from Best Buy, you get a Free Killzone 2 Theme.

Here's a direct link:


I guess different stores will have their own special Killzone 2 pre-order deals, but I'm going to wait a little bit longer for a possible Collectors Edition announcement before I pre-order it.

shadowghost7523795d ago

That is sick, i want one of those.

Hellsvacancy3795d ago

I pre-ordered Killzone 2 a while ago on Amazon Uk

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The story is too old to be commented.