Capcom's Best Horror Franchises Are Languishing In Obscurity

Capcom definitely supports Resident Evil, but many of its other horror franchises have been forgotten despite being full of so much potential.

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1Victor91d ago

Don’t waste your time it’s another ignorant cbr click bait article they count darkstarkers as a horror game because it have horror monsters in it 😩along with devil may cry and onimusha 🤦🏿

Godmars29091d ago

Still, not like they're bad games deserving to be forgotten. Just not horror games.

DeathTouch91d ago

Where is Dino Crisis and Clock Tower?

PapaBop91d ago

Yeah seriously, I can only assume the writer wasn't around for the ps1 era.

Knightofelemia91d ago

How is Dark Stalkers a horror game why because it has monsters in it? Dino Crisis is a horror game compared to Dark Stalkers which is a fighting game. Even Clock Tower and Haunting ground are scarier then Dark Stalkers.

got_dam91d ago

Devil may cry? Didn't that series just have a hugely successful entry a few years ago?