Harrison: 'We turned down the mud'

When the subject of the much debated movies is raised during an interview with GameTrailers, the vertiginous Harrison claims that if the original demo movie and genuine in-game footage is compared side-by-side it's apparent that Sony has "over delivered" explaining that: "You actually get a better experience in the game - more cars on screen, more physics, more dynamics than we ever did in the visualisation..."

When the interviewer points out that there's a lot less mud in the finished product, Harrison replies, "You know what? We actually turned down the mud because it made the game impossible to play." So, less dirt flinging, more of everything else, but is it really more impressive than the intense, jaw-dropping trailer that first introduced us to MotorStorm nearly two years ago...?

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Monchichi0255708d ago

I never said that MS has tons more AAA games then Sony. I just said to keep the AAA title for games that really deserve it and you know and everyone knows that Motorstorm is not even CLOSE to a AAA title. It's a good game, simple as that. It will never be a system seller, just a solid, fun game to have in your videogame library.

techie5708d ago

Haha ps3fan looks to have been malled! 1 bubble!? What have you been saying my friend!?

Monchichi0255708d ago

This game is FAR from a AAA title. You just consider it that because Sony has nothing but crappy games so far, so you see it as a AAA game compared to those. But this game is a real good game at best,.... a weekend rental to enjoy when you nothing else to do. Nothing close to AAA. Save that title for games that really deserve it like Halo, MGS, GTA and Gears of War. This game is nothing close to them and you know it.

PS360WII5708d ago

and yet any game announced for 360 bad or not everyone on this site says "and yet another AAA title for it" hell it could be call Vex: the transsexual herbivore and everyone will be saying "look at this crazy AAA title for ms!!!!

Mikemach5708d ago

Have you played the full game? Yeah what I figured. I've been playing the game for the past few days and I have nothing but great things to say about it. As for a top tier game this game is a AAA title for the driving genre. I'm playing the Japanese version without online and still like it as a AAA. I'll even buy the US version when it comes out. I know its a huge waste of money but I had to have something new to play. Before you go off on a Fanboy rant know this. I'm just into the Sony Community and have been a 360 guy and Xbox guy from the start. I just like to play games.

RuffRyder5708d ago

I like phil, i was starting to miss ken kutargi and is ridiculous statements and lies but who cares now we have crazy phil to represent the JOKE that is SONY. Gooo phil keep em coming!!!

TheMART5708d ago

8 or 9 tracks?

WTF for 60 dollars? Damn... and Sony fanboys were crying over 47 tracks and 12 environments in Forza 2???

DJ5708d ago

in Forza, with multiple variations of each one. True, you have to download the ones that couldn't fit on the disc, but that's a different story. Motorstorm originally had 10 tracks, but it seems that they only kept the best ones for the final version. It's one thing to copy real-world tracks, and another to create entire environments from scratch.

Shadow Flare5707d ago (Edited 5707d ago )

Project Gotham Racing 3 or Motorstorm

ooo toughy...

dantesparda5707d ago (Edited 5707d ago )

Sh!t I wish PGR3 looked that good, the graphics barely looked better than part 2's did. I had the game and i got rid of it because i was so unimpressed, and the texture pop-in was pretty bad

R Swipe5707d ago

If only Motorstorm was a launch title! By my reckoning its been released 3 and a bit months after launch. Not taking into account the fact that PS3 was a year later to the market place.

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