Sega CEO Wants to Create Games that Represent Japan; Explains Strategy with "Super Game" & More

Sega's CEO Haruki Satomi has ambitious goals for the company's games, aiming to create titles that can truly represent Japan in the world.

He also explained how the Yakuza/Like a Dragon and Persona series changed the company's beliefs about worldwide releases.

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sparky77148d ago

Yakuza and Persona do that very well.

Dwarrior147d ago

I'd still like to see Sega re-enter the hardware market.

I know it'll never happen. But I have so many good memories associated with Sega consoles.

jznrpg146d ago

I’d trade them for xbox any day of the week. At least Sega makes some good games . MS is a stain/bane/lame of the industry .

Dwarrior146d ago

The only thing MS does unquestionably better than anyone else is throw a lot of money around. And no doubt, that can get you a LONG way down the road. Especially in this economic climate.

But it's not going to get you a Persona 5 made.

CaptainHenry916147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Cool. My favorite game is Persona 5.

GoodGuy09147d ago

Cool, keep it up. Sadly people don't realize or want to admit just how important and influential the jp games industry is to the west also.

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