Saints Row 2 PC specs, Steam activation revealed

A community rep from THQ/Volition has let slip a few more details about the PC port of Saints Row 2.

First big news perhaps is what kind of DRM the game uses. Apparently publisher THQ has opted for a one-time online activation through Steam, just like Valve's own games (and the upcoming Empire: Total War).

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Charmers3583d ago

So basically judging by those specs you need a PC twice as powerful as the consoles to get the same buggy experience. Seriously could these developers get any lazier. Meh if they do a demo I might try it, if they don't then I will get something else.

ape0073583d ago

is an awesome game,buy it on ps3 or 360

poindat3583d ago

I'm (still) on the fence about Saints Row 2. It's either this or LittleBigPlanet and I don't know which one offers the most replayability.

On topic, specs shouldn't be a problem to pretty much anyone with a decent computer.

El_Colombiano3583d ago

You can't be serious? Thats like asking which game should I get if I want an FPS, Killzone 2 or Viva Pinata?

Little Big Planet baby!!!

poindat3583d ago

Heh, it is a tough choice for me because I know both are decent and both will last me for a long time. But what will last the longest? Tough especially since this is the first time I will have played either IP.

LittleBigPlanet automatically jumps to everyone's mind, but you never know.

Eh screw it, your right. LBP it is.

El_Colombiano3582d ago

Yeah! Good on ya mate! Its a hella fun game man!