Assassin’s Creed multiplayer confirmed by Ubisoft from For Honor devs

Assassin’s Creed multiplayer is confirmed by Ubisoft, with the developers of For Honor set to helm the stealth RPG game’s online comeback, as we wait on Mirage

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ActualEngineer101d ago

Let's be real bois ... what are the chances this is not a free-2-play, battle pass infested, pointless grind of a repetitive task, like a mutated experiment between for-honor and overwatch 2?! Can't wait to pay 20 euro to have my character dressed in a green robe instead of a white one ... 😮‍💨

Gameseeker_Frampt99d ago

I hope that it is like mp in previous Assassin's Creed games. At a time when lots of developers were shoehorning in mp Ubisoft managed to create something unique and completely appropriate for Assassin's Creed. It was a shame to see it abandoned with AC: Unity.