HP Firebird 803 Takes Gaming to a New Level

HP has certainly taken advantage of the experience provided by the Voodoo PC team in designing computer systems. That has been seen ever since the PC vendor, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, released the Voodoo-designed HP Blackbird 002. The system came as a breath of fresh air in the company's range of desktop computer systems, as it combined some of the latest computer hardware in a sleek-looking form factor.

Unfortunately, this behemoth was rather restrictive when it came to its price tag, something that could potentially be solved with the all-new HP Firebird PC 803, which was leaked on the Internet last week.

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anubis123799d ago

pc gaming DEAD!!!!! besides WOW with all the losers... a decent pc to run the top of the line games is just to expensive i might as well buy 3 ps3's and 3 360

Apocwhen3799d ago

----> Open Zone ---->>>

Parappa The Rappa3799d ago

then why dont you? lol.

pc gaming never died. and playing all the best games with better looks and controls, is awesome.
if something was exclusive to a console, and a PC gamer just HAD to play it, he'd buy that console.
you'll never hear a PC Gamer crying over paying for a console or its games.

dont be upset about your lack of financial ability to purchase such a great machine.
you know, you could always build your own, with specs this great, for a much cheaper price.
or would you like to also be upset for your own inability to understand that building pcs is cheaper than buying one from a manufacturer?

DR-IVO3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

For the size and specs thats pretty amazing for a desktop eventhough a laptop can have the samething but for me I perfer desktops more. Was reading around bout a week ago someplace its going to be around $500 Which I wouldnt mind getting one myself if its true.

more pictures

Blooper623799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

There is no way this will be even close to $500. Anything with the Voodoo name is instantly over $2000. With this being liquid cooled and all its at least $2500. Since a Blackbird that is air cooled, has a Intel Core 2 Duo, and a ATI HD3870 is $2000 This thing is going to be $3000.

Parappa The Rappa3799d ago

you could prolly build one for a little more than 500.
but i bet it sells for atleast a 1000. I would love it to be less, but it prolly wont be.
i would stick with the new dell xps's. the highend models have the new Intel i7

Karum3799d ago

Unfortunately the PC has nothing to attract me in terms of gaming atm and tbh I'd still probably just build my own or do my own upgrades rather than pay these guys for one.