2009 Is The Year... Of The Update

CVG writes: "After-sales support used to mean the occasional bug-fixing patch - and that was if you were lucky. Now, a few developers are responding to the way their fans actually consume games.

We don't just play games once and move on. We live with the games we love, returning to them day after day to experience them all over again. In that way, we want games to be services, not products. We want them to change and grow with us. Thankfully, more and more developers are waking up."

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Sangria3581d ago

"Left 4 Dead [...] comes with four campaigns [...]. The plan is for future updates to include new campaigns [...]."

All that free, right...?

No FanS Land3580d ago

Bug ridden games just don't cut it anymore. That and cosmetic microtransactions.

I like what Yoshinori Kitase said regarding FFXIII, with "we won't offer DLC because we do not feel it is needed for a successful launch".

At least we still have some smart people.

Sk8boyP3580d ago

Don't forget about Sony, constantly upgrading their hardware functionality with System Software updates. Improving their beast of a machine as they continue to develop new and more awesome features pushing them ahead of the competition.

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Raoh3580d ago

I dont mind expansions. like with oblivion. would love an expansion pack for L4D. Burnout Paradise got it right. Warhawk. even Siren's chapter style download.

i just hate silly $5 2mb DLC

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