The free Basto update makes this the perfect time to play Toem

From Eurogamer: "Toem is a photography adventure. You wander around taking pictures and solving simple problems. It's fitting, I guess, that after playing through the recent Basto update yesterday, the first thing I did before writing today was look back through all my pictures.

Cor. Here's me at a camp fire listening to a spooky story. Here I am helping a mermaid sing a song. Here I am judging a royal sandcastle competition. Here I am stuck in some kind of pipe. Understand this: Toem is already one of my favourite games in years. Basto just makes it all even better."

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Knushwood Butt102d ago

Great little game. Completed Basto a couple of weeks ago.

EvertonFC102d ago

Great game so cute, some hard challenges too