Nintendo's Master Plan writes: "The Wii is still out-selling the PS3 and 360. Nintendo claims to have 'reached out to a more main-stream audience' , which favours the amateur appeal of Wii Sports and Wii Fit. On-line is as bare-bones as you'll find outside of a third-world country. Virtual Console is more or less "just there". And we wonder how. With such a heavy de-emphasis on its seventh generation console, how is Nintendo still thriving?

"It's simple: Nintendo doesn't need it's fans any more."

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slymaddox3582d ago

I don't get the appeal of the wii. I understand its cheap but that's it. Everyone I know that got a wii either sold it or has barely even played with it after first getting it. Kudos for nintendo making so much money off of something that "imo" doesnt offer a whole lot.

ChickeyCantor3582d ago

" I understand its cheap but that's it "

Sorry but 250 doesn't come falling down from the sky you know.
You as a gamer, knowing how expensive the 360 and Ps3 were in the beginning, yeah 250 comes of as something cheap.
Don't pretend people can just give 250 away.

ChickeyCantor3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

My my, people must live in a rich world to think everyone can just give 250 away.
You guys must be RICH!

ChickeyCantor3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

" The truth of the matter? Nintendo recognized that success lay outside its original demographic – and beyond the hardcore audience Sony and Microsoft have been killing each other to covet. "

Uhhh should he be reminded that Sony basically sold 120 not only thanks to "core" gamers but also thanks to the sh/tloads of Casual gamers?( and lets not forget the Ps1).

Meaning nothing has changed, people are just looking way to deep into these matters.

rockleex3581d ago

The PS1 and PS2 were able to draw in a wider GAMING audience.

Those new gamers have always been interested in gaming. They've played at their friend's or cousin's house, they've played at the arcades... but they just never owned one.

Until Sony came along and changed everything.

You can't claim the Wii is doing the same thing the PS1 and PS2 did.

The Wii is drawing in NON-gamers. People who despised games, people who thought games led to violence, people who thought games were for kids and shouldn't be allowed to display violence or any sense of maturity, people who didn't think games had any substance, etc etc.

And when they play the Wii, it confirms their thoughts on gaming. It confirmed that games are just toys. It confirms that games don't have any substance to them.

What's bad about this? Nothing, except for the fact that if Sony and Microsoft is forced to go the same route, then we gamers ultimately lose.

Video games would then never be able to mature as the next form of entertainment after movies and television. It would simply stay as a toy(that adults can play with).

When non-gamers look at games, they don't see it as the next step in entertainment. They don't see that MGS4 is not mindless shooting and killing. If The Matrix or Star Wars were never movies, but had been great games of the same scale instead, no one outside of gamers would have noticed.

Who knows what the future holds for us, but even now, there are people who want to censor the video game industry because video games are just "toys". The Wii looks to prove them all right.

That is why I back Sony. With the steps they are taking with MGS4, Heavy Rain, and other games, they are looking to take video games to a new level of maturity. A level where video games can be looked at on the same level as the film industry. Just imagine a generation where video games are the norm such as films and television. ^_^

Of course, all this doesn't mean the Wii can't co-exist with two other mature gaming systems. If all goes well, then Nintendo will from now on be catering to the kids and non-gamers while Microsoft and Sony tends to the mature audience. If all goes even better, then gaming will be accepted by all as a form of entertainment.

Long post... but this is basically why gamers dislike the Wii right now. Its because we simply don't know how the Wii will affect the direction of the video game industry. Whether you like it or not, the Wii will not be the next Playstation 1 or 2... it will have much more effect. The effect will not just be growth, it can be negative or positive effect.

Let's hope for the positive of co-existence... like how there are Disney movies and then there are movies like The Dark Knight. It all depends on the soccer-moms and the grandmas and grandpas.

*Will edit for shorter post if you guys can help me summarize*

Product3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

i would almost agree with you but if you want to know where video games are going look to arcades and pcs......

Remember when arcades used to be the best of the best.Best graphics,most powerful,big screens,etc.Then what happened when that market got to saturated by 3d fighters?they went for innovation.Right now the wii is practically the same as that boxing game you played 5 years ago or so with those heavy boxing gloves you put your hands in and pretty much virtual boxed.look to DDR,racing games such as the ski game where you mount skis or how bout the jetski game where you mount a jetski.What about the rail shooters?
The wii turned out being what arcades became after the wave of oversaturation by fighters and "hardcore" games.Arcades are now casual.Remember when the most casual arcade game was Daytona 500?now everything is casual at a local arcade(besides 10 year old fighters) and the wii is building upon that fun gameplay over graphics formula while the hd consoles are looking to pcs as there idols.
You have ps3 and xbox getting features that fans think are innovative and smart yet all features seem to becoming from pcs(movie rentals,community,online chat,more power,etc.)

People like "getting into" games which is why the wii is so popular and hitting non gamers because everyone can relate to some degree.It doesnt take down to forward x2 plus all three punch buttons to perfom a special combo on the wii because thats where non gamers say What??There are core wii games that take skill but for non gamers their entry into gaming should be fun then after the fun has run out and they go for more challenging stuff thats when you really start becoming a solid core gamer imo.Seriously though people who think the wii is much different then the nes are kidding themselves you just want to remember the old nintendo consoles for what you want to remember them by.
Nintendo has always been about fun gameplay mechanics and i think this gen is no different with the exception that with the new control scheme ,some games can have the difficulty level aimed lower for non gamers.(wiisports) but i feel you can have the same type of game with a much different difficulty(wiigolf compared to Tiger Woods which is much much harder).

You also talk about how the video game industry can become more liek the film industry if the video game industry goes toward what ms and sony are doing......yet you never bring up that the best selling movies of all time happen to be casual movies(titanic,spiderman,pirat es of the caribbean,finding nemo,etc.)Sad to say but movies with a very mature story like Memento or Gattaca will never get high sales and they become what are known as cult films.The movie industry has been liek this for years why are video games any different?why cant people like the wii for what its worth and also sony and ms with the same standards?

Essentially you can have the wii combined with another system and you have the best of both worlds but if you feel the wii is not a game console and only support hd consoles then thats like being a pro football fan yet never turning on college football.Same sport,different type of entertainment.
Games are games.

rockleex3581d ago

Like I said, they can co-exist such as Disney can with Warner Bros.

And you forget to mention that The Dark Knight outsold all of those movies you listed. The Dark Knight is not a casual movie.

It does not matter whether The Dark Knight or a Disney movie sold more, because they can co-exist. People won't say that violent movies like The Dark Knight causes people to become serial killers.

The thing is, the Wii is not really creating any new gamers. Yea, it got some grandmas or soccer moms to play a game for a day... but how many of those actually became interested in gaming and played competitively? How many of those still use their Wiis on a daily basis?

The Wii just doesn't interest me as a gamer because I prefer a much more adult oriented gaming system. I like games with substance, just like my movies and my books.

I wouldn't be bothered by the Wii at all if I didn't think it has the potential to pose a threat to the maturing of video games as a source of entertainment.

Thankfully Sony seems really determined to help mature the video game industry. Anyone who supports entertainment with substance should DEFINITELY support Sony if you don't want video games to become a toy.

I really see no reason why people want to see Sony fail this generation as if it somehow benefits them. Even I don't want the Wii to fail although it poses a threat to the maturity of video games. Both can co-exist... but with the way people are bashing Sony on everything they do and spreading FUD, its not likely they'll be able to co-exist.

I've had multiple friends who clearly knew PS3 was the better deal for them, yet they changed their minds after their friends said things such as "the PS3 has no games" or "PSN sucks" with NO evidence to back it up. Just pure BS. Of course, when you hear that from 10 of your friends, you will REALLY doubt your previous obvious choice. My friends went on to buy 360s instead.

Those were the same friends who heard about the Wii and bought it. Only to never touch it except for the few times they play Brawl.

But all of my friends who have played the PS3 at my place before clearly sees the BS. They made the choice of buying themselves a PS3 because not only did they know it was the better deal, they've experienced the system enough to back up that knowledge.

Anyways, the point is, no system should die. They can co-exist as long as it helps the video game industry mature further. Hopefully all our kids will grow up in an environment where videogames are just as common, if not more, than movies and books and television and music. ^_^

Spike473581d ago

the games you can get on the xbox360 and ps3 completely overshadow ANYTHING POSSIBLE ON THE WII.

I mean instead of buying a wii I would buy SOCOM with headset, PS3 keyboard, and another controller, plus another game.

-GametimeUK-3581d ago

"the games you can get on the xbox360 and ps3 completely overshadow ANYTHING POSSIBLE ON THE WII."


Super Mario Galaxy is better than any game on XBOX360 and PS3

TheMART3581d ago

And watch how few Wii owners react on stories on a site like N4G.

Its official. Nintendo isn't for gamers anymore, its for fat sisters/moms that need a workout, for drunk students that find it funny to play some digital bowling, for 5 year olds and 65+ that can't get used to real controllers but can swing the wiimote and retards.

But hey, that supercharged gamecube sells like hell even for the ridiculous 250 bucks so I guess Nintendo has no reason to change their strategy... 3rd party developers aren't so happy with their softwaresales on the Wii though, which is kind of a problem.

Product3581d ago

"And watch how few Wii owners react on stories on a site like N4G."

For most people who like Nintendo its useless to argue with the ignorant people of n4g.

TheMART3581d ago


Just make up a reason why you're the only one here with a Wii that posts something.

Really. There just aren't so many Wii users reading real gaming websites.

The Wii audience is about what I wrote about them. THat's pretty sad for gaming.

ChickeyCantor3581d ago

@the mart,
You are funny bunny...

xD N4G? the central Gamer website? nah didn't think so.
Maybe this website is lacking Wii-gamers but others are filled with it.

"sad" = You being such a pessimist.

but we still love you.

heroicjanitor3581d ago

Nintendo realised they had a lot of incredibly faithful fans, and that they were never going to get any of the playstation supporters, because playstation have more story based games while nintendo have always had turn on and play without a story games. So when they realised this, they knew that they would buy the new console no matter what, and all they needed was mainstream, which they noticed the ds captured incredibly well after it's gameboy. The reason for this was their games are suited to mainstream already, they just had a hardcore image. They shook it off with the new control scheme for the ds, and realised the same would work with their console. Thus they made a new control scheme(without making a new console I might add), made sure people noticed it with advertising, and boom, the sales tok off, just like with the ds.

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