The Beginners Guide to Being a Nintendo Fanboy


"Chris Capel has touched upon the vices and virtues of PlayStation and Xbox fanboyism. That's where most of the forum battles are currently fought, but there are others lurking in the shadows. Today the Tingler explores Nintendo fanboyism."

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plenty a tool3634d ago

just spend a few days on n4g reading what gets wrote by the sony fanboys on here....mimic them, and viola, ultimate fanboy over-night!

kunit22c3631d ago

This should not be aproved. Does anyone gain any NEWS from this? No its just flamebait. And as for the Wii not having games? Well its true they dont have many games right now... but im looking into the future and seeing its lots of 2009 games and I dont have enough Money for all of them so I will be able to get a few certain games that i like the best when they come out day 1 but as for all the others it might take a while to get all of those. but i dont mean this to insult anyone or anything but what does the ps3 have comming for next year? and same with the 360? because i really dont know. So can someone answer?

techie3631d ago

News for gamers is a social website, not just about news. Hence this being tagged as an "article"

kunit22c3631d ago

then how about they change the name of the site or remove articals like this. And articals are also informational were as this one is not so they should not be allowed.

Mikhal55693634d ago

Articles like this one just go to show how desperate and insecure certain PS3 fanboys really are. They can't win the console war argument, they don't have the game attachment rate in their favor any longer. And the Wii actually has a good lineup of games for 2009, including a fair amount of top notch hardcore exclusives. I guess all that is left is to scream and whine in a futile attempt to tear Nintendo down and to hope that some poor kid is stupid enough to fall into your line of judgmental thinking.

techie3634d ago

Or you could just read Part 1 written by the same author on how to be a PlayStation fanboy? Which rips the piss out of them. Or how about the Xbox article that rips the piss out of them too. The links are in there, read it and calm down.

Parapraxis3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

exactly right deep.
The other 2 articles on PS3 & 360 were approved almost instantly. Most people saw the humour in them. But wanna talk about DEFENSIVE lol, wow, Wii fans are the most easily offended bunch. No wonder though, they are very bitter because of Nintendo's lack of interest in hardcore gamers these days.

Jager3634d ago

"And the Wii actually has a good lineup of games for 2009, including a fair amount of top notch hardcore exclusives"

What? And the PS3 doesnt? Lmao

HighDefinition3634d ago

Man, that guys not gonna be able to sitdown for weeks.

ChickeyCantor3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

" . But wanna talk about DEFENSIVE lol, wow, Wii fans are the most easily offended bunch."

Try visiting the open zone xD.
From all 3 corners they are offended easily.

Basically what Mikhal5569 was saying is that these articles shouldn;t be approved. they are asking for trouble, and no one is seeing it.

>_> did he say there aren't any for the PS3?
He only pointed out that Wii has a good line-up.
People are looking for a fight i tell ya.

techie3631d ago

All fanboys are defensive. It's just that the Xbox fanboys approve the negative ps3 articles, and the PlayStation fanboys approve the negative Xbox articles. Neither care about Nintendo, so only the Nintendo fanboys are free to choose the fate for this article.

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Mikhal55693634d ago

In my comment, I made the mistake of pointing just the PS3 fans. I'm equally annoyed with the fanboyism from all the fans. But let's face it, PS3 fans and Wii fans go at it more than any other group. When I wrote the comment, it really wasn't meant to be as pissy as what people are taking it. The truth is, opinion articles like these should not be approved at all becuase they are not NEWS FOR GAMERS. So to clarify, I stand by my original comment.

Mikhal55693633d ago

What? And the PS3 doesnt? Lmao

I never said otherwise. I'm just not the one who goes into a different section just to berate and belittle the titles that are coming out. I'm sure the PS3 has plenty of great titles that are coming out, which will be mostly multi-platform or that will eventually end up losing the exclusive rights to Nintendo. (Now, something like that if I meant it could be considered a fanboy comment.)

Shnazzyone3632d ago

ahh the legacy of flamebait continues on gamezine. He did leave pleant out but now i gotta look up zero 4. He should have mentioned the conduit and dragon quests transition to nintendo but that would defeat the purpose of maki9ng fun of nintendo fanboys. Afterall our beloved wii's lack of titles is our weak point and he pointed it out admirably. I do have to admit, I have screamed at my ds many times in public to recieve many confused looks.

If only i wasn't having so much fun. God i'm glad brawl and kart has near infinite replay value

kunit22c3631d ago

Shnazzyone Project Zero 4 is just Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and if you ask me this guy cant be a real gamer if he is saying thats the only good upcoming Wii game. From the big variety of games comming to Wii if he is a gamer he would find more than one of the games coming to be good. and i just wanna say who wastes their time writing these types of things anyway? like seriously there are way better things you could be doing with your time instead of trying to Piss of some Fanboys. I dont see why you would waste time and effort in doing this?

kunit22c3631d ago

@ deep Ill just send you the link to my youtube channel because i dont feel like typing them all so here
and watch the 6 upcoming wii game videos