The Mario Kart 8 DLC Shows That There Is Not a Big Need for Mario Kart 9

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe feels like the quintessential Mario Kart experience, and the Booster Course Pack makes Mario Kart 9 unneeded right now.

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Yi-Long95d ago

I know this take will upset people who are eagerly awaiting MK9 (or 10, if you’re counting the mobile game), but when we agree that MK8 nails the gameplay as much as can be expected, and doesn’t need changing, then why not just keep building on MK8, upgrading it for their next console, but keeping all content we have so far, and simply just keep adding to that.

Yeah, I would like to see more Nintendo characters/locations getting added, and yeah, I’d love a Mario Kart ‘Maker’, where you can design your own tracks, but all that could be added to what is already there in MK8.

Neonridr95d ago

ultimately MK8 will become what Smash Ultimate was for the Switch. Every character, every track, every piece of content.

FallenAngel198494d ago

Except they’re not adding new characters or content with this DLC, only returning tracks

Neonridr94d ago

@FallenAngel1984 - no but every character that was available from the previous games via DLC were included. I guess they could always add some new characters too.

jjb198194d ago

I totally agree with you. Adding a number sometimes doesn't change much. Building on MK8 and keeping it an incredible game is what I'd want as a huge fan of the game. Some people might hate me even more but look what adding a '2' to Overwatch actually did.

Chard94d ago

Yeah, save MK9 for new hardware

sweendog94d ago

When EA create a new FIFA or Madden each year at full price, we all know they could easily release DLC with new team rosters at a lower price instead. The gameplay never changes. This is what Nintendo has done with MK. I can't fault them.

Profchaos94d ago

The DLC is an uninspired and lazy effort they simply took all the tracks from the mobile version and inserted them into mk8 deluxe with no attempt at bringing the graphics and art style in line with mk 8 which makes these tracks look so much worse.