Review: Star Ocean: The Divine Force (Sony PlayStation 5) | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded: "I have enjoyed Star Ocean: The Divine Force more than any game in the series since the third one. The developers have calibrated just about everything about this game perfectly, from the classically entertaining JRPG plot and characters, to the incredible aesthetics, and superb pacing."

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LiViNgLeGaCY595d ago

I'll be playing this when I get home! Sounds like this is a return to form!

shinoff2183595d ago

I enjoyed this review good job reviewer. Im not sure Ill agree with everything that he wrote but I feel this is a cant miss and Ill enjoy the game. One thing I will say im in the middle of part three about 65 hours or so, and while liking it Im not sure its the best in the series I feel like ive liked 1 and 2 more but we will see.

VanHalen595d ago

Funny how this game is not getting any criticism for its ps3 looking graphics and repetitive fighting, but Gotham knights gets slammed for being 30fps? Which actually looks truly next gen. A lot of bias going on these days with reviewers. I played thru the whole demo of Star ocean and thought it was a terrible experience! Valkyrie and Soulstice are far superior and are not getting much recognition. Sad indeed

jznrpg595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

I actually want to play Gotham because of it’s action rpg mechanics .
Star Ocean has never been very good in the graphic department so it has history of ok graphics.
The first 3 games were really good especially 2 and Til the end of time, imo .
I have seen scores from 7/9.5 for Star Ocean what I’ve seen for Gotham is
anywhere from 6-9.5 . Not much difference but way more reviews for Gotham so more variance .

I think people expect more because it’s a very popular name compared to Star Ocean which is only a video game and not in other areas of media like Robin , Batgirl & Gotham , etc . Also I don’t think some like the RPG combat and some love it .

I want to get both games but I will wait on Gotham and already have my physical copy on the way tomorrow for Star Ocean.
I love the series as a whole even though some of the games have been okish lately mainly Integrity and Faithlessness which was the worst entry , great name though .

VanHalen593d ago

I think star ocean might be worth it on a sale and I have a serious gaming problem enough as it is haha. I always have to play them all at sometime or another. I am having a good time with Gotham, I find it addicting. I also am finding The Ascent one of the best top down twin stick rpg shooters of all time! I highly recommend that one if you’re into that type of game. It’s what cyberpunk should’ve been.


PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for September: NieR Replicant, 13 Sentinels, Civilization VI

Also included are Star Ocean The Divine Force, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Unpacking.

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Snookies12274d ago

Hot damn those are some high quality games right there. I've been meaning to give 13 Sentinels a go, just haven't had the time to get around to it.

RpgSama274d ago

I had it on my wishlist waiting for a Discount, when I knew I would be close to playing it, so much in my backlog already, might as well try it now.

Also looks at ALL those Star Ocean titles!!!

Einhander1972274d ago

The story is so great especially if you don't know what's going on, When i played it I kept thinking I bet this is "it" no I bet that's "it" no it's got to be this, but "it" wasn't those things in the end.

It's Japanese story telling style at it's finest, lead you along and let you wonder what is actually going on really keeping you engaged to figure out the mystery.

The RTS gameplay I really enjoyed too, my only regret was that there wasn't even more of it!

RpgSama274d ago


Who is salty enough to give you 4 dislikes for praising this game?

fr0sty273d ago

Probably why they hiked the price, so there could be better quality games and less shovelware.

notachance273d ago

It's one of the best story ever made in recent years, there's a reason it was nominated the best narrative in 2020's TGA.

Tapani273d ago

I heard 13 Sentinels has a superb story, gotto try it at one point.

I can vouch for Nier Replicant, it has one of the coolest endings I have experience in a game. Took me a while to complete the game fully, but man, it was more than worth it in the end.

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SegaSaturn669274d ago

nier and star ocean. 14 sentinels, jrpg dream. Even I can't hate on that.

CrimsonWing69274d ago

13 Sentinels is a must play if you haven't. Like, I can't praise enough what an awesome story and set of characters that game has.

monkey602274d ago

Why did they rename Backbone? Strange.