Why It Makes Sense for Konami to Make a Silent Hill 2 Remake Instead of SH1

The original Silent Hill may be deserving of its own remake, but Silent Hill 2 was likely decided upon by Konami instead for its popular iconography.

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CBaoth225d ago

2 was the most successful game in the series so it makes complete sense to remake it. Been a long time since I played 1-3 but story arc wise wasn't 2 a self contained story? Isn't 3 is a continuation of 1's protagonist? If so, this also has a lot to do with it. This isn't exactly a new series so honestly who cares if Empire Strikes Back gets made first? Heard rumors that if this sells extremely well, then a 1 & 3 remake would be the next project from Bloober. Makes fiscal sense.

Yui_Suzumiya225d ago

Yes, 3 is a sequel to 1 once Heather is in her teens. There's references to 2 in part 4 though. Newspaper clippings that talk about Harry Mason.

KeyAppearance225d ago

I think what they should do, and this is going to take a lot of effort which I know Konami won't like :P

Combine 1 and 3 into one single story and remake, have the game start with Harry until a point then jump years so you finish off the game with heather perhaps.

atsugiT2225d ago

Good for us, bad for them. They’d much rather keep em separate and make twice the money on us for the same amount of content

-Foxtrot225d ago

It’s basically

“SH2 has Pyramid Head, he’s marketable”

CrimsonWing69225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Well, he is the most iconic enemy aside from the nurses.

Without googling it can you tell me the standout bosses from 1, 3, and 4?

Yui_Suzumiya225d ago

I'd think because Silent Hill 2 is better, lol

EvertonFC225d ago

We wil get SH2 remake after 1 they don't have to copy capcom

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