LittleBigPlanet Sweeps Edge Awards

Edge, the videogame magazine published by the Future media group, has announced the recipients of the 2008 Edge Awards, presented each year to those titles influencing the industry and changing players' expectations.

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Megaton3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Good to see more recognition for that title and Media Molecule, and it's really good to see Criterion as a runner-up for best studio. After the free and substantial additions Burnout Paradise has seen this year, they deserve way more recognition than they're getting from gaming media.

"...while the Xbox 360 gaming console from Microsoft received the award for Best Hardware..."

Someone's gonna have to explain that to me.

3579d ago
BrianC62343579d ago

It's great to see LBP get this but overall I don't like Edge's reviews. They gave Resistance 2 a lousy 6. Most of their reviews are pretty bad.

LeonSKennedy4Life3579d ago

"By all means, it makes no sense." - Kronk (Emperor's New Groove)

The 360 wins best hardware? What? I can get Netflix on PS3. I can surf the net, video chat, play online for free...WITHOUT LAG (some games), do everything Live can do, earn trophies, and everything else.

The 360 has nothing on the PS3. What could possibly make the 360 a better machine?

Shane Kim3579d ago

I think all of the RROD's is what making xbox 360 the ultimate gaming expe... Oh wait.

CViper3579d ago

especially with third party apps like Tversity/Playon that do Hulu/Netflix these days

the only thing PSn needs is voice across all, and music across all. but when u factor in free wifi/hdd/bluray/bluetooth/free PSN

its hardly a breaker. just a compromise until sony patches

tatotiburon3579d ago

leon are you sure that you can talk with a friend while you both are playing a diferent game?. There is a lot of features than PSN don't have and Live have

rockleex3579d ago

Wow, I never knew that PSN and XboxLive were part of the hardware!

Guess you learn something new everyday. ^_^

DaTruth3579d ago

I get a new 1080p Bravia and the only game that doesn't look any better is GTA4. Game of the year on many sites is the only game that doesn't look any better with a higher contrast ratio and better colours, cause the colours didn't get any better, they suck on all TVs. Not that I don't love the game, but it's not GOTY material.

HighDefinition3579d ago

Tatotiburon just got owned by Rockleex.

omodis4203579d ago

MS just had a bit better of a year. If you were to score them I would do it like this 350 93/100 (hardware problems were mostly fixed) and PS3 would get 91/100.

Sony fanboys shouldn't get discouraged. Their team still had a good year. It's like the patriots missing the playoffs with an 11-5 record.

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MURKERR3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

now ive heard everything

Kain813579d ago

Best hardware: the Machine with the exclusiv RROD and scratching DISCS

LeonSKennedy4Life3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

That's not funny.

Microsoft paid Toshiba millions of dollars for the exclusive rights to RROD and disc scratching!!!

EDIT: Bubbles, my friend! Everyone give this guy bubbles. He needs MOAR BUBBLES!!!

ChampIDC3579d ago

Yeah, I don't bloody get it. Besides, how does Netflix count as hardware anyway? That crap is software on the console's hard drive. PS3 should win simply because it doesn't break all the time.

I love my 360 for all the software features and game support, but the hardware is fossilized brontosaurus dung.

doshey3579d ago

best hardware for 360, my old pc has the same amount of power as the 360, and it was made in 04 :/

Shmapanese3579d ago

xbot 360 got best hardware? HAHAHAAAAA yeah ok wutever man,this site is pathedic.

even microsoft knows that ps3 has the better hardware.

i would LOVE for edge to give an explanation as to why the 360's hardware is superior to the ps3's?

someone needs to send Edge a Virus to shut tho's useless crackheads down once and for all.

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