N64 goes portable with Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R

Engadget: "Ben Heck's apprentices are showing their true colors again, with modder SifuF churning out a real winner over the holidays. The Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R just might be the most elegant portable N64 that we've seen to date, with a clean, low-key design, beautifully integrated buttons and a cartridge slot that's about as non-cumbersome as possible. Of note, there are no internal batteries to speak of, thus it's forced to rely on an InfoLithium (or any 7.2v supply) clipped on the rear. Tap the read link for a pictorial look at the build and final product."

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Eiffel3582d ago

Why do developers always find a way to fu*k up the D-pad it amazes me.

The control layout scares me.

Mutley4163582d ago

I would really Dig playing StarFox...Some great Dog Fighting in that game-

importfighter3582d ago

rather get a PSP...That thing is ugly

RPG Guy3582d ago

It's graphics blow away the DS

Not quite PSP though still. lol.

ape0073582d ago

perfect dark

the greatest fps game of all time along with ge

where are you rare

answere me rare

your new team will never and I mean never be a shadow of the old team.never

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