Xbox World 360 Preview: Tekken 6

Tekken 6 is a bit of a coup for the 360. The series has long been considered a Sony stalwart, and was PS3 exclusive until recently, so if MS has seen fit to wave cash at Namco to tempt them into multiformat-land it must be because the sixth outing is well worth having.

In terms of plot things are simple. Each combatant is fighting to become King of a tournament called the Iron Fist. Along the way you'll fight a panda, a man with unfeasibly large hair, and several insane ninja: as rich, character-led fighters go Tekken is one of the most established series' out there. The sixth instalment will see six extra fighters joining the line up including one who turns out to be the son of Heihachi, the PS2 exclusive character last seen in Soul Calibur 2.

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TheColbertinator3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

An Xbox 360 site talking about a Tekken game? Hahahahaha
times have changed indeed

Doctor_Doom3795d ago

nothing stays the same =D

Mercutio3795d ago

Namco could have atleast given the guys that actually bought a PS3 for this game the heads up. Since people like that don't care for either Sony or MS. Now they've spent a few hundred dollars more, just because Namco sought to dub their game "PS3" for 4 years, which is equal to half a decade.

What a sad state the industry is in.

Anyway, EVeryone enjoy this game. For me, it looks a bit bland and should had better imagery for a game that has been developed for half a decade.

MURKERR3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

tekken going multi is kool more people get to play, its games like lbp,uncharted,.god of war,killzone wardevil,heayrain and darknight among other blu-rays which is why i personally went ps3

sak5003795d ago

@^^^ But it was a major part of exclusive list of ps3 games on every SDF member list just like FFXIII. Now nobody talks about those games.

MURKERR3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

final fantasy was, tekken...sorry no,ps3 has to many exclusives to list for 2009 which is why i went ps3 plus we get the multi-plats the best of both worlds 2009 could be the best year in gaming yet

Ichiryoka3795d ago

But you must remember the PS3 lineup does not only consist of those two games. Although I'm sure you know this, and I will not make a list because I'm sure you know what games are being released for the ps3 from the previous posts of other members on this site. I bid you farewell.

3795d ago
Ichiryoka3795d ago

"Now, it turns out to be Xbox 360 exclusive and PLAYSTATION® borgs have gone hostile towards the game ever since. "

Umm no..I believe you need to look over what you posted. then maybe just maybe you won't get so many disagrees.

SonyOwnsNextYear3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

wow its a gang of vultures in here, fighting for a little morsel of sony success. anyone ever notice that anything that microsoft throws money at, ends up losing its quality?

microsoft can attempt to stay alive this gen by throwing money at everyone but true gems like lbp, mgs4 and many more will never end up on the american console. next gen features like bluray and blutooth and the countless abilities that have been added to the ps3 through firmwares, will never end up on the american console. deny it all you want, but the ps3 is highly upgradeable, meanwhile the 360 is the poster boy for OLD technology. Look at M$' approach at taking over the market, it FAILED. look at their sales, and then factor in 40% rrod.

the way i see it, microsoft supporters are PHUCKED. big time.
all microsoft is doing is copying everything that sony and nintendo are doing, throwing money at everyone, while hoping the 360 stays relevant in 2009. Means no original content for 360, no blockbuster games, features or anything for that matter. 360 is starting to look like a pc, with its massive catalog of ports and small quantity of 360only software.

the market is shifting. deny it all you want.

sony owns next year,
and the year after that,
and the year after that,
and the following,
the year after that one.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3795d ago

Didn't you say that for this year?
and the year before that
and the year before that?

N4360G3795d ago

LOL the Sony Defence Force site is owned by the same guy that runs Wii60 to make us PS3 gamers look bad.Fanboys these days!!

SonyOwnsNextYear3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

lol. all im gonna do is laugh at you.

if you look at the truth, and not what your feeble little mind selects to analyze you notice the facts:
a 450 dollar console is selling very well versus (2) 250 dollar consoles.
worldwide ps3 sales defeat 360 at every turn.
360 sales , minus 40%rrod puts the 360 game sales exactly where they are at in terms to games: conslole.... further proving HOW HIGH rrod actually is.

one would think that the 360s lead should be double, hell even triple if you factor in the 1 year head start. One would also think that hddvd would have won. or that the 360 should have 3 times as many AAA exclusives more than ps3.but thats not the case.

jason360, open your eyes.

ps: i didnt disagree with you, much like the 360 i expect YOU to self destruct without my help

vhero3795d ago

I agree the only reason 360 is up on sales is people have had to buy replacement consoles because of RROD. Sure theirs a 3 year warranty but before that came about that's where MS got most there numbers. Both systems have been selling neck and neck since then and considering one is almost double the price... Imagine if PS3 dropped another $100 off its price?? 360 would fade away.. Deny it all you want but it's true, People trust Sony and even more so thanks to RROD.

Bubble Buddy3795d ago

SonyOwnsNextYear, let me reply for Jason3sh!tty: No Comment.

candystop3795d ago

"mgs4 and many more will never end up on the american console."
What you little racist arrogant [email protected]! Your stupid and nothing more then a typical in denial fanboy mascot. Tekken will always be my favorite fighter and has nothing to do with Playstation just like numerous other games don't and never have. These games are made by developers not Sony so quit thinking there the ones to be praising. MS is doing a good job bringing games to 360 for gamers that have grown up with these franchises and don't want a PS3. Now what I don't get is why Sony fans always feel the need to defend something.Tekken use to be praised upon and now since you guys have a few mediocre exclusives you turn your back on games that helped make Playstation lol. Go ahead and stay in denial kid.

gamersday083795d ago

Obviously you aren't Tekken fans and I doubt you'll buy the game anyway.

FYI, I don't really care how it looks and when it's released. I'll buy it on PS3 is because I know I'll be playing it on a reliable machine that will not crap out on me and it plays REAL HD games just like MGS4, LBP, R2, MSPR, etc. That's how I enjoy all my Tekken 1-5.

I feel sad because the developers may gimp the PS3/arcade version just to squeeze everything into DVD. I hope Namco will not disappoint their loyal fans and give PS3 version the perfect arcade conversion just like they did for Tekken 1-5.

M$ should not mess up PS3 exclusives. Xbox has never had any 3D fighting fans. Oh well, you reap what you sow. Karma will strike back. You just watch.

thenickel3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Will you quit already with your memorized selection of PS3 games lol. People on N4G already know whats available for PS3 so quit with the bs listing. You guys actually remind of show offs that think they have good stuff, but in the eyes of others your stuff is worthless.

Edit above vhero: Whatever mr multi account. All you seem to preach about is the way you see things and honestly your not the best advisor. You keep living in the past while 360 grows further and further away from your love machine. Next gen will be here soon and maybe then you will realize whats happened because as of now you sure don't. Why don't you just admit that Sony messed up this gen and as result of this and are going to loose. Can't take the truth can you lol.

plenty a tool3795d ago

when soul calibre was coming out, the ps3 owners didn't care because they had tekken. same with final fantasy. but now both are multi-plat, they are both dismissed.....truely laughable the way people act on here.

Doppy3795d ago

@ 1.2 I think people did buy a PS3 for this game, just not this game alone. The PS1 and PS2 had great exclusives, and so many 3rd party exclusives, that there were so many games that you had at least 5 or 6 games that you loved to play no matter what type of gamer you are. And many people expected that to continue over with the PS3 think oh I'll get Tekken and Final Fantasy, and boom their multiplatform so that took away from the PS3's exclusiveness (couldn't think of a better word), and now their kind of pissed that they spent an extra $100 or $200 when they could get it on the 360.

It's not a problem yo me since I have all the consoles now, and I prefer my PS3 anyway.

DARK WITNESS3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

ya,,, i have to say this an be honest about it.

i bought i 60gig ps3 when it came out mostly for 3 games; MGS 4, tekken and FF13.

now only one of those games is still exclusive. i still like my ps3 as a BR player, and killzone 2 has got my attention now, but at the time i bought it i was not interested.

i am sorry but all the other games the sony fans have come up with as being awsome and 360 killers and " can't be done on 360 " well, they have all been average at best. The only games now that i see as being worth it are MGS 4 ( still a game that every gamer needs to play ), LBP, and killzone 2. oh i forgot wardevil.

but ya, i was really looking forward to tekken 6 and will still get it on the ps3 because the d-pad is better for those fighting games.

SonyOwnsNextYear3794d ago

lol, all the microsoft owners got offended...and are trying to quiet me down by eating my bubbles.

Sony supporters:keep my bubbles high...:)

To the bubble eaters:Sooner or later youre gonna have to swallow your pride and accept the fact that the PS3 owns this generation.

cayal3794d ago

"mgs4 and many more will never end up on the american console."
What you little racist arrogant [email protected]! Your stupid and nothing more then a typical in denial fanboy mascot.

Racist? And you call someone else stupid.

That's funny.

thenickel3794d ago

Yeah and it's even funnier that you don't get it. Anyone that agrees with this guy is stupid in my book if that makes you feel better. Sonyowns is nothing more then a tool nuff said.

Danja3794d ago

I've been a huge Tekken fan since the PS1 days aand im not pissed about the game going Multi-plat , it's the fact that I have to wait another extra year just because they are porting the game to 360 which sucks.

The PS brand made Tekken what it is today and for Namco to just give it's core audience the middle finger sucks..

besides this game loos like Tekken.5.5...not even sure im gonna be buying it next fall...since other better games will also be coming out around that same time..

and good luck 360 pplz with that D-Pad of urs...

rockleex3794d ago

Tekken 6 looks mediocre. Merely an upgrade from Tekken 5 DR HD for the PSN.

But it also looks like it will go the way of Soul Calibur... meaning they don't know what direction they want to take with it.

Street Fighter 4 just looks so much better, looks like it will play better, and has more focus.

I'll definitely try Tekken 6 out, but I'm looking forward to being disappointed.

tordavis3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

@gamersday - "it plays REAL HD games"

I stopped reading there.

@danja - "I've been a huge Tekken fan since the PS1 days aand im not pissed about the game going Multi-plat , it's the fact that I have to wait another extra year just because they are porting the game to 360 which sucks."
"...not even sure im gonna be buying it next fall."

You are a living contradiction. A HUGE Tekken fan that's not sure they want a next gen Tekken game?

crooksie3794d ago

Well we can't stop it now, it's going to 360... I'm a bit sad about it, I really am, we've grown up with Tekken. Remember back in the days when their jumping animations looked like they were flying, LOL.
What the developers ought to do is enable a way for PS3 to duke it out with 360 online. Wouldn't that be fun ^_^
Teach 360 how to play our games LoL.

Danja3794d ago

so if im not impressed with what i've seen so far of the game I should still buy it...just because I have been supporting the Tekken Franchise for over 10 years..?

I didn't buy Tekken 4 what's ur point ?

I was a huge NFS fan since the PS1 days also..but I haven't bought a next gen NFS game...does that make me a living Contradiction also..?

Legion3794d ago

Why is it that the first thought that comes out of Fanboys mouths is that MS must have paid a company to bring it to their platform???

Ever think that Namco might just be smart enough to know they could make money on the 360? Wow... what a concept. Bringing a game to the most players possible thus allowing you to earn more!!!

Not that I am interested in the game... but I am sure many fighter fans will.

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seedaripper19733795d ago

Good luck with the Dpad, 360 fans ;)

rogimusprime3795d ago

and the bulky controller is not set up for fighting games at all. I have both systems and would really love cross platform play (even though it will NEVER happen) so I could work people over playing the with PS3 controller.

I can actually understand namco wanting to put this on XBOX since theres a recession and its tough to make money, but this is just one more example of sony not caring about losing exclusivity. Ah well, at least they kept metal gear.

felidae3795d ago

yeah man, the D-Pad svcks .. but everything else is better on the 360 ;-)

Bubble Buddy3795d ago

Only thing the 360 controller has over the DS3 is the triggers in my opinion.

candystop3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The 360 controller is made much better for gaming (minus d-pad)then that retarded little DS3. Also this game was announced for 360 long before anyone new we were in a recession.

Lord Vader3794d ago

Perhaps. But the controller is superior in every other aspect.


devilhunterx3794d ago

thats the start of their problem

cayal3794d ago

Ok, enough.

No controller is better. It is preference. I am so used to the PS3 controller I sometimes have trouble with the bigger 360 controller. That does not mean the PS3 controller is better, I just prefer it.

Considering they all have 4 buttons, two sticks, a D-pad, and 4 shoulder buttons, anyone arguing one is better than the other is purely a fanboy idiot.

thenickel3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

How can one be a fanboy idiot when you just said yourself it was prefernce. I like the 360 controller better because my hands are big so how does my choice make me an idiot lol? It's better for me and just is so leave it at that.

Edit below: It doesn't mean it's better for everybody no, but it can mean it's better for the indivual. I see were your coming from but there's nothing wrong with liking one more than the other and considering it better.

cayal3794d ago

Because preference doesn't mean better.

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3sq3795d ago

I think it looks horrible (SCIV looks way better). Not because it went multi-plat. Even if it's PS3 exclusive, it still looks crappy and what's with the two new characters' hair. Very bad taste...

Cajun Chicken3795d ago

Call me selfish owning both consoles and all, but sorry; I still see Tekken purely as a Playstation franchise. XBOX had DoA for the last few years and Playstation had Tekken, I liked it that way.
In other words, the next DoA should certainly be on Playstation too due to Tekken going multiplat, because at the moment, this is only working as a 'one way system'.

Kain813795d ago

there was a News here on N4G, i think that DOA5 will be MULTIplat or exclusiv to PS3.

sak5003795d ago


I read it and there they also mentioned Bungie going exclusive on ps3 cuz of lack of sales on 360.

cayal3794d ago

Lack of sales on x-box? That is completely not true.

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