Not Only in America: Videogames Hit Israeli Campaign Trail

Via GameCulture: "Having just selected its candidates for upcoming national elections, Israel's ruling party, the centrist Kadima, is stocking its campaign arsenal with videogames.

According to Haaretz, the first target is Benjamin Netanyahu, chairman of the conservative Likud party. In the coming days, Kadima will release a videogame online that chides "Bibi," as the former prime minister is known in Israel, for dodging a debate Kadima's Tzipi Livni and Labor candidate Ehud Barak."

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Iraq Resistance ROM3671d ago

at least that how they made a home in an arabic land, by terrorizing the palestinians from their homes then stealing it.

now israel killed 282 people, including many children and women, they just few hours ago targeted a medicine house store, why wonder does the medicine shoot rockets to israel??
700 wounded and many in a critical shape, with lack of medicine and lack of power to run the hospitals and the whole gaza strip, the siege on gaza is on for 6 months, many people cant find many things they need from food to public services because no food no medicine no petrol can enter.

israel is targeting the civilians the most the second Hamas! how many hamas killed from israel by their rocket??????????????? i tell u, NON until yesterday only 1 was killed!

and can u guys guess who is supporting this attack? USA! yes they support them and give them the excuse because of the rockets that almost never kills, and israel using american made weapons and airplanes. do u americans ask why many people in the world hate u.