Microsoft: PC Game Pass Subscribers Grew 159% Year-on-Year; 20 Million People Used Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella and chief financial officer Amy Hood discussed the Xbox business.

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Jin_Sakai147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Game Pass I amazing.

“Incidentally, Hood mentioned that the company still expects the Activision acquisition to close by the end of the fiscal year (June 2023).”

As expected. Can’t wait for Activision/Blizzard games to be on Game Pass.

Army_of_Darkness147d ago

If I was a pc gamer, I'd definitely get gamepass!

DeusFever147d ago

If I was a PC gamer, I’d be drowning in my backlog of Steam games and Epic game store freebies. But sure, more games for the backlog!

Crows90146d ago

Even more easily free on pc via microsoft rewards.

Orchard147d ago

Impressive numbers. One thing I found interesting from the earnings is that almost 50% of Series S owners are new to Xbox.

To anyone who thought Series S is disappearing anytime soon - no chance. Too much of a new user funnel + priced perfectly for the current economic situation.

MoistRaine147d ago

The Series S + Game Pass is like a steal for a newcomer for console gaming, honestly.

Vits147d ago

Yeap, it's really hard to beat the amount of content that you get for that price.

jznrpg147d ago

Too bad it’s weaker than Xbox One X .

darkrider147d ago

If you want to have the worst version of the game, yes. A gen behind whats being done...

FPS_D3TH147d ago

Shame it’s gimping this entire generation with its less than next gen specs though.

Abriael146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

@FPS_D3TH: that's a ridiculous argument pushed by small-time developers from minor studios who don't know what optimization means. That's the problem you get when some bad websites publish comments from randos for controversy's sake.

Games on PC look awesome nowadays and they always did, and they're designed to be scalable down to run on PCs that are a LOT less powerful than the Xbox Series S.

Series S isn't gimping anything just as much as having graphics options to run on weaker computers never held back PC gaming.

gamer9146d ago

Yup, Age of Empires just got announced and Wo Long just got a release date. Pair those with Redfall Starfield Atomic Heart, blah blah blah, it's so good. Cheap too with the loophole pricing

Crows90146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


You get more content at less price and with online gaming on playstation. Easily beat. But yes it is relatively decent content...especially live service wise.

Weaker hardware doesnt run current gen games on high settings or any settings at times.

gamer9145d ago

@Crows90 in terms of day 1 launch content it's not close. Game Pass is giving day 1 access to all of their exclusives, plus many non-exclusives like Plague Tale Requiem. Current discount pricing gets you xbox live gold + game pass for $60/year. I haven't seen this value on any platform ever, unless you count pirating games on PC

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Bnet343147d ago

When I saw the Series S numbers in Japan, I was shocked how good they were. Seems to be paying off overall. Pandemic really dented peoples pockets so $300 was a good price point.

roadkillers146d ago

That’s why I picked it up, the hardware is small and easy to hide… the power doesn’t matter since I generally only play Cloud. RE8 and Elden Ring are the only titles I purchased and have not. Call of Duty will be another this year

lelo2play147d ago

Where are the 1st party games, Microsoft?... where are they?

jznrpg147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

They are trying to buy some . They don’t create they buy. I wonder how much (if they buy Activision too) buy will be ruined because they aren’t content creators . Clearly they have shown they are better at ruining devs than supporting them .

ReadyPlayer22147d ago

Delays Starfield, Redfall, and Halo to give devs the time they need and extend deadlines at the detriment to their console release schedule. "Wahhhh, Xbox is bad to devs," sure bud

146d ago
Lightning77146d ago

Besides Halo which has had bad management. Sea Of Thieves, State Of Decay 2, Forza Horizon 5 etc have been managed well with content and updates.

MS is only doing what Sony did with PS1. Buying allot of devs to support your system. That's how it's done

146d ago
Crows90146d ago


Nope. Sony never bought out devs with big IP. Microsoft is almost exclusively buying devs with significant IP attached to them. 3rd party multiplatform IP.

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HardKnockKid24147d ago

I know the joke is that the games are always coming and wait until next E3 and so on but….. seriously….. seems like post 2022 there will never be another Xbox drought. Guess we’ll see. I primarily lived off Sony exclusives this year while playing Elden Ring and Cyberpunk on Series X

MIDGETonSTILTS17147d ago

I still don’t see a GOTY contender being devd exclusively for Xbox.

Starfield is hyped, but the gameplay didn’t impress me.

Automatic79146d ago

There is no drought in 2022, the only thing is that Xbox moved 2 of its biggest games to 2023. Thank you Xbox GamePass for not letting this year feel like we missing out on games.

As Dusk Falls
Forza Horizon HotWheels.

2023 going to be insane.

MIDGETonSTILTS17147d ago

They aren’t coming, they lied.

Starfield doesn’t even look impressive anymore.

Aloymetal146d ago

Starfield never looked impressive to begin with, it's a Bethesda game after all.

MIDGETonSTILTS17146d ago

I just hate Game Pass…. I’ve always chosen quality over quantity, so I hoped Starfield would end up being an example of the former, for once….

146d ago
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Lightning77146d ago

Redfall is looking like a February or March release. Forza 8 is looking like mid spring release. Starfield late spring early summer.

Automatic79146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


My prediction
Age of Empires II Def. Edition 1.23.2022
Ghostwire Tokyo March 2023
Redfall May 2023
Diablo IV (Post acquisition) June 2023
Minecraft Legends- July/August 2023
Forza Motorsport October 2023
Starfield November 2023

Not sure where they will insert Age of Empires 4 and Ara History Untold.

Don't forget a lot of 3rd party exclusives and Xbox GamePass deals. To many games coming in 2023. Should be a solid year for Xbox.

146d ago
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Redemption-64147d ago

I find it interesting MS wants to let the world know they are growing, but don't want to say/show actual lonumbers that will show just how much they have grown.

Microsoft: PC Game Pass Subscribers Grew 159% ok, from what?

jznrpg147d ago

It’s like saying your penis grew 400% but you started with an inch

sagapo147d ago

When you started with an inch and gained 400%, you should be thankfull 😁

darkrider147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Doesn't matter, we already now they did 2.9 billions on revenue and that's very low. Even if it was 2.9 billion of profit it would be low. The reality gp isnt growing like they wish. This is again PR talk. And don't forget we are a getting Activision... Desperate..

146d ago
Chris12146d ago

Total made up BS to support your constant anti-MS bias. Show us evidence it isn't growing like they wish or give it a rest

TiredGamer146d ago

But that's the old trick now, isn't it? High growth rates are relatively easy when you're starting from the scratch. If they had 1,000 PC Game Pass subscriptions last year and now have 2,500, that's an ASTOUNDING 159% growth! Wow!

Percentage increases are really only useful when they have some level of context to compare to. Otherwise, it's just a great way to spin underwhelming performance.

Sgt_Slaughter146d ago

Literally what they did the entire Xbox One generation. Stopped giving out concrete numbers and went with the buzzwords such as "players/player count", "downloads", "% increase", etc.. It was and still is pretty bad.

The only way we officially figured out how many Xbox Ones were sold was due to the ongoing lawsuit/litigation.

HardKnockKid24147d ago

Nice, hopefully this all adds up for them. Dedicate yourself to the brand and you will have gain traction. These ain’t the days of Steve Ballmer anymore.

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