Will Tekken 8 & Street Fighter 6 Usher in a New Golden Age of Fighting Games?

The fighting game genre is soaring, and now Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6 have put fighting games on the brink of a new golden age.

ApocalypseShadow222d ago

If they turn out great and more fighting games come from it, then we can say a new golden age is beginning. Until then, we wait.

neutralgamer1992221d ago

i know most don't play it for the story but both of these series should learn fromsoething from MK and put out quality single player content

The3faces221d ago

Hopefully we'll get a new Soul Caliber

PhillyDillyDee221d ago

Not if tekken keeps stripping features from their games

Vanfernal221d ago

Street Fighter is definitely doing something new. Tekken has been basically the same since Dark Resurrection with minor tweaks.

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