The 10 worst PSP games of 2008

When there are great titles such as Patapon and WipeOut Pulse out there, there's really no excuse for picking up any of these games. So read and then pledge never to go near this little lot.

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LastDaysOfHumanity3676d ago

The developers of Hellboy DESERVE to get crucified. Can I get an amen?

KidMakeshift3675d ago

i thought the 360 version was okay. It was better than Hellboy 2. Del Toro completely ruined what was a great film franchise (Hellboy 1) by swaying from the actually characters and source material. Hell, the first 3 mins with young Hellboy made me want to leave the theatre

windmill1453676d ago

MGS:PO+, Really???? I thought the game was pretty good as an online expansion with new characters, maps, and weapons. I mean come on, their was a reason why it only cost $20.

be_wrong3676d ago

manhunt? MGS? when did those games sucked?

dadeisvenm3675d ago

"50 Worst DS Games of 2008" No? Why?

Because is uber cool to dump on a Sony product while there were TONS of great games for the DS in 2008.

devilhunterx3675d ago

MGSPO+ was an multiplayer expansion pack. As mentioned everywhere. Blame yourself for not doing your job properly

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