Silent Hill 2 translator says giving credit for his work "is the right thing to do"

Silent Hill 2 translator Jeremy Blaustein is asking Konami to credit his work on the original Silent Hill 2 game in the remake, saying "it's the right this to do".

Blaustein says that while he does not "expect or seek any financial compensation", "I do strongly feel that giving me appropriate credit for my role is the right thing to do".

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porkChop224d ago

That's fair. When localizing something you're basically rewriting the entire story to fit a new language, while keeping the integrity, meaning, impact etc, of every line of dialogue intact. That's not easy to do. He absolutely should get credit for the translation.

TGG_overlord224d ago

Who down voted this comment? It's only fair that the translator gets credit for his work..

VersusDMC223d ago

I didn't downvote but i doubt even the original Konami writer will be credited.

And if bloober is translating the original Japanese script(as they should) i don't see why he would be need to be credited as well.