Why Bloober Team Is A Great Fit For Silent Hill 2 Remake

With the announcement of Bloober Team working on a Silent Hill 2 Remake. Questions still remain about whether Bloober Team is a great fit for the series.

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CaptainHenry916216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Time will tell. I'm not a fan of Blooper team. I look at them as a mediocre indie developer. If blooper team fails to deliver on this they're pretty much done.

Bobertt216d ago

Bloober team's games are nice looking but boring. But since this is a remake of a game that is known to be good they would have to go out of their way to ruin it so let's hope they aren't that stupid.

CaptainHenry916216d ago

"let's hope they aren't that stupid"

Especially since they have the Silent Hill 2 blueprint. This shouldn't be to difficult for them

talocaca216d ago

I mostly hated that The Medium felt underdeveloped. Even the "dual world" mechanic ended up being gimmicky. And the combat system was atrocious. Hopefully SH2 will be better.

Rocosaurus216d ago

To be fair, the combat system in SH2 was atrocious as well. I played Silent Hill 2 as a teenager when it came out and even then the movement and combat felt clunky at best.

CrimsonIdol216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I think the imperfections in the originals actually manage to add to it. Like how awkward the combat was in Silent Hill 2 created this added level of panic and fear to getting attacked by fucking terrifying monsters. The goofy english voice over work also added to the general eeriness too. Silent Hill 1's pathetic draw distances were used in it's favour too, the fog is now iconic. That team just did a really good job of working within the limits of the time and playing them off as positives.

I reckon Silent Hill 2 still holds up insanely well on PS2/PCSX2 if you ask me and to this day nothing has the atmosphere it has, so I wont be too bummed if they screw this up, still got the old one to fall back on.

isarai216d ago

Their games are always pretty dang good till you actually have to play it. Then everything starts to fall apart, things just dont feel good to play, and their writing always falls ever so shy of greatness. By the end of every game i've played from them, you're just left a bit underwhelmed. You can see the potential there, but they never quite reach it.

Puty216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

They are not. They already don't know which game they are working on. Now James Sunderland has Murphy Pendleton's face from Silent Hill: Downpour. #nicetry

Furesis216d ago

The fact that we have to argue about this already says it all.

curtain_swoosh216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

its kinda weird to me that Konami didnt make it inhouse or got someone else to do it lol.

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