Computer Games(Romania) : Prince of Persia Review

Zuluf writes "While the original Prince and his doppelgangers were a classic symbol for the "default" adventurer, the primordial hero, Bruce Campbell, the Sinbad we imagined with a flashlight under our bedcovers in somewhat less cybernetic childhoods, the new hero is... cool and nothing more.

A few brief glances through a trailer of the game can give you a bittersweet taste: the truly beautiful aspects of it – a visual style a la cel-shading, almost perfected to the level of fine art, the color palette, meticulous animations, particle effects and convincing textures are still drawn back by the generic pathways, abstract level structures and a pressing feeling that the characters are a tad too trendy to be believable. All the Prince is lacking to be the apex of teenage „coolness", in the current context, would be an iPod and a pair of rollerblades.

Naturally, this shouldn't stop a good story or exciting gameplay from conquering the hearts of generations to come – as an example we've got the Final Fantasy series that, no matter how anime it is, with androgynous schoolboys in the main role, „sensitive" conversations or ridiculous animals sprinkled through the lore, is still a solid milestone when it comes to jRPGs."

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