Why We Are Excited About The Silent Hill 2 Remake

"Unless they plan to pull a classic Konami move and cancel them unceremoniously, we will be getting three games, a new movie and a very experimental series. We're going to go through these and talk about what excites us about them in a series of articles.

This time, we will be looking at the Silent Hill 2 Remake." - From Article

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TheEnigma313217d ago

Because SH2 is one of the best if not the best horror game ever made.

Thundercat77216d ago

I agree. The story, the details, the atmosphere is something I have never found in other horror games.

SH2 is truly a masterpiece.

Ramboforlife216d ago

Yup, it's endlessly replayable too. I hope the remake is as fun to revisit at the original.

z2g217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

i'm pretty excited for it and will def be picking it up. It's really cool to see all those iconic moments re-imagined. its almost like that was the vision that they wanted to achieve back then but just had to make due, and now we can actually achieve it.

its a shame sony paid to keep this huge title off other platforms for 12 months - especially after their arguments against ms' activision deal tho. this may be a bit off topic, but you can't help but think of it in cases like this.

shinoff2183216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Timed exclusive vs buying 2 huge publishers. Come on your comapring apples and oranges. Its not the same thing. You xbots and your dumb as argument

Id love for fallout and starfield to release a year later after release then not at all on playstation. Your argument is wack my guy

CrimsonWing69217d ago

The redone music really set my hype levels through the roof. It looks really good, too... except for James' face, but I'm already adapting to it after watching the trailers a few times.

shinoff2183216d ago

I think itll turn out alright. I do get peoples worry though

CrimsonWing69216d ago

Oh for sure, like The Medium I didn't think was nearly as awful as some people say it is and honestly, I feel like Bloober gets better with each release. I know they know what's at stake here and will push themselves hard to meet the expectations of fans.

jznrpg216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I am guessing the game is close to done at this point so no need to worry about a PT .

MehmetAlperTR216d ago

I can't because it's Bloober Team..