Silent Hill 2 Remake - What Can We Expect From Bloober Team?

Ever since the release of Layers of Fear, Bloober's games have been obsessed with getting you inside the damaged minds of their characters–sometimes literally. However, their games have also attracted criticism for their sometimes troubling messaging around trauma and mental health.

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Terry_B221d ago

We can expect one of the best video games ever made

Snookies12221d ago

One can only hope... Not writing them off just yet, but they HAVE to knock this one out of the park.

Terry_B221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

My first comment was meant to be sarcastic but..

I mean..none of their games are masterpieces, but Blooberteam started with a really bad game, and the studio improved and learned with every game. SH2 has a great story and characters, if Bloober gets the gameplay parts and the mood of the story right with modern graphics, we can expect something truly great. (Pleaaaase)

SullysCigar221d ago

Lol surely, given the source material and how beloved it is, SURELY even they can't eff this one up?! 🙏

bloop220d ago

I thought the same thing when Disney bought Star Wars. With the source material and how beloved it is, surely they couldn't f*ck it up, but now the whole franchise is a dumpster fire.

SullysCigar220d ago

^ OMG could you imagine if Silent Hill went to Disney?! How do you 'woke' Silent Hill? Lol they'd give it a damn good try, I'm sure!

On the plus side, you just made me realise Blooper Team is bad, but actually it could be FAR worse!

Aussiesummer221d ago

We can expect a whole lot of people in denial because of a strong nostalgia trip.
Bloober team doesnt make good games, why does everyone suddenly think that's gonna stop here?

Flawlessmic221d ago

Because the game and story are already there for them, literally all they need to do is obviously make it look good and update the game mechanics to a modern standard and that's it!

It basically like a teacher writing your essay for you and then asking you change some words so it's not obvious they did it.

Hate that's it's bloober team working on it but still, it's all there for them, it's one of those it's harder to fuck this up type of thing.

sheepskin221d ago

based on their recent games, i have zero reason to believe that they will get it right this time. nothing about the SH2 trailer sparked confidence to be honest. it will be a mediocre game at best and a terrible silent hill at worst

Aussiesummer218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Let's bloody hope so. I'm praying for a God damned miracle.

goldwyncq221d ago

FormSoftware made mediocre games until Demon's Souls (sorry Armored Core fans). People should stop treating studios like they're always going to suck and start giving more of them the benefit of the doubt.


Demon's Souls was the first game Miyazaki was given full control. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Aussiesummer218d ago

All Bloober ever did was plagiarise games, making sad copies of them then made 3 bad "original" games, they are not getting the benefit of any doubt.

Hofstaderman221d ago

Not much, unfortunately. Based on Bloobers track record I’m not overly excited hopefully they will prove me wrong.
Konami should have give this to Sony and let them assign a developer to it.

Gamesual1221d ago

Not much tbh due to their track record but hopefully they surprise us big time with auch an important project.

Thundercat77220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

This is going to be a turning point in the career of the studio Bloober. They either make a critically acclaimed hit or they will become the most hated studio for ruining one of the most important game.

They neck is in the table.

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