Giant Bomb GOTY Awards- Most Satisfying Sequel

Giant Bomb Awards Metal Gear Solid 4 Most Satisfying Sequel

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TheColbertinator3798d ago

Never heard of this type of award

caffman3797d ago

heard of this site period!

Obama3798d ago

Well deserved. The best game in 08 simply for most gamers who own the ______ console.

Nathan Drake3798d ago

"reliable" seems to fit that blank

Zolin3798d ago


LeonSKennedy4Life3798d ago

If no one else is going to say it, I will.

The BLACK console. That's what he was going to put.

Don't be afraid, man. The white man is now the black man. Now, black people can't complain that the white man's always getting them down. They ARE the man.

PS3 Blu-Ray NOT dead3798d ago

MGS4 wasn't just a "sequel" it brought the delivered the true generation gaming experience!

Not just graphics but everything!

There wasn't even one part where I was like "I wish ___ was different" or "I wish ___ wasn't here"'


vhero3797d ago

Fully deserved IMO the only 360 title that gets remotely close to anticipated would have been gears 2, and that fell apart with glitches to the high hilt the game is terrible!

Halochampian3797d ago

One thing that could have been a lot better is the AI. So it would not be considered perfect. The online was bad also so that would be another thing that could go into your blanks.


coming from you, I would be surprised if you played that game.

rockleex3797d ago

I just LOVE when people knock down on a game's AI.

Its funny because there's really no scale to judge an AI on. The only scales used to judge AI's are technical ones.

Other than that, its purely subjective. There are many very easy ways to make an NPC harder to kill with little to no tweaks made to the AI in order to trick the player that the AI is smarter.

RebornSpy3797d ago

The story made little sense, and some of the cutscenes were way too long. Also, Act 3 sucked, aside from the motorcycle part, which was awesome.

I definitely think it was an awesome game, one of the best games of the year, but it's not better than MGS3, and it's much worse in terms of story.

Gears 2, however takes everything great about the first one and improves. As a sequel, Gears 2 really met my personal hype, which is what the point of the award is. I'm not saying it's better than MGS4, just an improvement from the previous installment in the series.

Halochampian3797d ago

There is a scale for AI. From bad AI, to good AI, to amazing AI.

AI should be close to human intelligence, correct? Now, if enemies go in a certain path all the time, well, then it isnt very good.

Games where the AI automatically finds cover based on enemy placements and knows when it is being outmatched... is good AI. AI who gets better weapons when it comes across it, is good AI.

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Nathan Drake3798d ago

Resistance 2:
8.5 out of 10.Story is so-so,co-op is phenomenal,competitive multiplayer is great.

Fallout 3:
8.5 out of 10.Story is great,graphics are fine,core gameplay is basically Oblivion in a new setting.

Fable 2:
8.0 out of 10.Co-op and graphics are meh,music is beautiful,singleplayer is solid.

Motorstorm 2:
9.0 out of 10.Graphics and gameplay are terrific,sense of speed is near perfect,multiplayer is an absolute blast.

Grand Theft Auto 4:
8.0 out of 10.Graphics are amazing,story has memorable characters but is full of cliches,gameplay has its hits and misses,multiplayer is forgettable.

Gears of War 2:
7.5 out of 10.Story is so-so,gameplay is solid,graphics are fantastic,multiplayer is laughable.

Metal Gear Solid 4:
10 out of 10.Graphics,story,gameplay,con trols,audio-All are on a level of quality never witnessed before in a videogame.A masterpiece.

-GametimeUK-3797d ago

GoW2 = 7.5 despite the fact you said it has solid gameplay and amazing graphics (best graphics this gen)... And you call its multiplayer "laughable" lol... Yet you give a movie with gameplay elements a 10 despite having even more laughable online than GoW2, inferior story, inferior graphics and the most stupidest downtime in gameplay / movie watching this gen thanks to installs rofl...

MGS4 = 7.5 cos it was a pretty good movie
GoW2 = 10 cos theres actual gameplay and better replay value

Chug3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Yup, you got it straight.
Honestly, I think Nathan was being generous giving GEoW2 a 7.5

Halochampian3797d ago

Dont ever Become a Game Reviewer.

For one thing. No game is EVER perfect. So dont give out 10's.

GeOW2 multiplayer isnt that bad and you would know if you played it. The game easily deserves at least a A for the solid gameplay, great Campaign,Co-op, and Horde mode.

The funny thing is, you say so many negative things about GTA4, yet give it a higher score than Gears 2.

Take my advice Nathan, stick to being a fanboy. You are better at it.

3798d ago
Dark General3798d ago

Mmhhmm out of all the sequels i played this year MGS4 was the best. DMC4 was a letdown so was Soul Cali 4. GTA4 actually surpassed my expectations but i was expecting GTA4 to be a mediocre game. Just san andreas with new graphics. Even though the content in the game couldn't match up to San Andreas in sheer content and scope the story and characters blew my expectations away. Honestly it was doing the mafia jobs that killed that game for me. It drained all the momentum the game drove in during the entire game and the end of the game damn there ruined the entire experience.

The journey was awesome for most of the game but the ending sullied the experience. MGS4 was more than i dreamed of. Story wise. Cutscenes were breath taking. But unfortunately the gameplay didn't quite live up to my lofty expectations. I was expecting something better than Snake eater and what i got was something more akin to a third person shooter. The stealth bits didn't come into play until Acts 3,4 and 5. And the boss fights weren't as memorable. Still it pulled off the most amazing moment in gaming history. At the end of act 5 (not to spoil it for others). Simply put, revolutionary moment.

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