2008 First look at Windows 7 beta 1

ZDNet writes:

"I have to thank Santa for leaving me a copy of Windows 7 beta 1 in my stocking for Christmas Day. This beta (build 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400) should be the first and only beta from Microsoft of Windows 7, and I'm pleased to report that it's a good one."

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tatotiburon3797d ago

This is how Vista suppose to be. Can't wait for this OS.

xc7x3797d ago

So in a sense it's Vista modified. Hopefully no driver issues like Vista had at the beginning.

uie4rhig3797d ago

Win7 uses vista kernel, so all drivers shud work with win7 as they work with vista ;)

SaiyanFury3796d ago

I've also read that Windows 7 is supposed to outperform XP so if they keep the driver compatibility and speed coupled with the Vista GUI, I think things could be good again.

whoelse3796d ago

lol looking more and more like MAC OS.

heroicjanitor3796d ago

You made me laugh there actually. It says something that you are hopeful they will outperform an operating system they released over 7 years ago.

sloth4urluv3796d ago

Actually not really, Its hard to add features to something, increase its compatibily/flexibility, and maintain performance at the same time.

heroicjanitor3796d ago

It's not that hard when today's pcs are hundreds of times faster than what was available 7 years ago...

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ArmrdChaos3797d ago

Same exact thing happened when they brought out Windows ME. They were unable to get XP finished and decided to push that abortion of an OS out the door. Vista is nothing more than the modern day version of ME. Hopefully Windows 7 will be to Vista what XP was to ME.

GameOn3797d ago

I thought ME crashed all the time. Vista isn't that bad.

Leathersoup3797d ago

It's weird... I had ME and I'm now running Vista and I've never run into the issues that other people seem to have...

Kevin McCallister3797d ago

That's because 97% of the people complaining about Vista or ME never actually used either OS, they just read about them on the internet. And if they did, it was probably on a new laptop that didn't meet specifications and boots up with 178 programs running in the background like Dell is fond of doing.

Panthers3797d ago

ive never had a single crash with vista.

cherrypie3797d ago

See, you clearly dont know WTF you're talking about.

ArmrdChaos3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I DO know what I am talking about AND have used both...or more like had to FIX both. I have had to deal with MANY friends and family systems that had problems with ME. I likewise had to deal with NUMEROUS driver/bug related issues with VISTA at work. I will admit that Vista is not as unstable as ME BUT there are definite similarities as to how MS brought them to market. They both represent unfinished versions of a successor OS. Anyone who wishes to blatantly accuse me of incompetence WITHOUT knowing who I am or what I do for a living should set pom poms down and step back from them.

Kevin McCallister3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Just to be clear, my post wasn't directed at you ArmrdChaos, I'm more so talking about people in general. With that said though, lmao at the person with 5 different accounts that got angry and disagreed with everyone here in about 1 minute.

darkequitus3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Why the defensiveness. I can't see why. The guy who said "That's because 97% of the people complaining about Vista or ME never actually used..", then you fall in the 3% like me (former driver programmer) had problems with Me.


ArmrdChaos3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I understood where you were coming from...its all good. In this case of the OS similarities I call it as I see it. I am hoping that Windows 7 finally makes it worth the move.


Dark...not defensiveness...more to the point of irritated. I just get a little tired of the usual "your opinion != to my opinion so your are an idiot" type responses around here.

Kevin McCallister3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I agree. When we look back there's no question Vista will be seen in the same light as ME (it already is in most peoples' eyes). I think it all boils down to bad timing on MS's part. XP still had plenty of years left in it and the issue with the underpowered laptops and slow benchmark results messed up Vista's reputation pretty early in its life. When it comes to performance, ME did have its issues, but I find Vista to be a very nice and stable OS. It seems like the community at large wanted Vista to fail from the get go, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Windows 7.

darkequitus3797d ago

Ok, agreed,

But that is N4G all over. I have given up fighting all these "tech gurus" on this site.

sak5003797d ago

These OS Vista/ME had issues with drivers. Even though xp had initially the same problem but it was more compatible with the legacy devices. I've tried both ME and VIsta Ultimate. When back to Xp pro sp3. No need for resource hog of a machine when u can have same things done, faster on xp. My system still is not antique, C2D @ 3.4Ghz, Watercooled, 2x1Gb 800mhz, dual channel, 7950GX2 512x2 Single sli card.

uie4rhig3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

im more on vista coz i play games more often.. i used to have XP installed as well.. but since it was pretty annoying having multiple OS's.. i decided to remove XP and just use linux and vista.. and to be honest.. it is much stabeler with SP1 (have tried both yes) but still not on par with XP/Linux.. yes you can work with it usually .. but it's still gay sometimes.. and i kept Vista over XP coz everything was installed on there and cudn't be bothered installing anything on XP plus Vista is genuine ^^, :P

if you dont believe me i have my vista here all personalised in the screenshot.. and one of weirdest thing that has happened to Vista is attached to the video ;P

SonyOwnsNextYear3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

lol, crashes were coming from many programs that vista did not fully support. NVIDIAS SLI being one of the major ones. all of you saying people do not or have not used vista are being ignorant. theres many people i know who build quad vid gamings systems THAT STILL DO NOT RECOMMEND VISTA.

try sli, on vista 64 with 8 gigs ram and run crysis. or anyother game for that matter. within the day, youll crash many a times. and wtf is wrong with file transfers? they take twice as long on vista tnah tey do on xp.So.....NO. vista is still not reliable.

sloth4urluv3796d ago

Omg ME was horrible. Didnt understand how it could be that much worse from 98.

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pshizle3797d ago

its just kinda a resource hog that's all

it rarely does crash

cant wait for version 7

s2kphile3797d ago

I'd have to agree with that statement. Vista is a resource hog, I bought a laptop with Vista Home 64-bit on it. My Vista uses 1.64GB of memory out of the 4Gig memory stick thats in there while XP in my desktop uses 841MB out of the 3GB that is in there and honestly IMO I feel like it runs faster then Vista. My laptop cost me $650 with vista while my desktop cost me $500 with XP.

But I do have to say it's little more user friendly for people who aren't computer/OS savvy. There is some features in Vista though that are missing like the "Wireless Config Zero" service. I just hope that the Windows 7 takes the best of XP and the best of Vista while using less resources then both if possible.

Please Microsoft don't make me spend $300 for your OS especially if I have your XP SP3 and your Vista SP1. I'd like to upgrade for free or less then $200 please. =)

rsebes3797d ago

Windows 7 looks like vista with a name change. We shall see. If you have seriously not had any issues with vista consider yourself lucky. Someone, please connect your bluetooth headset to vista and try to use it... good luck.. lol

Kakkoii3797d ago

@rsebes: It is not Vista with a different name. It has quite a large amount of improvements and optimizations. It's shaping up to be a great OS.

(Although, I'm going to apply a Windows XP skin to it when I start using Windows 7 lol. I couldn't care less for that Mac style crap all over.)

Bladestar3797d ago

I love vista... it's the OS I use mostly.

Vista was a victim of Apple's "Hello I am a PC" campaign and companies like Dell, HP and other that in order to keep selling computer... added the famous, "Windows Vista Compatible"...

Vista works perfectly specially after SP1... with the proper hardware...

Windows 7 will improve in areas like supporting less powerful hardware, quicker boot and multi-touch screen.... ohh and gesture ala Surface...

My wife who's a graphic designer is going to love using a touch screen instead of a drawing pad.

Jager3797d ago

im hating Vista... Cant play BF2 because of it (Punkbuster kicks Vista users)... hope they fix this :/

uie4rhig3797d ago

im still wondering wondering what makes you love microsoft so much.. you're beyond a fanboy lol

Bladestar3796d ago

@superaktieboy - and I wonder what make you hate Microsoft so much? Wait don't answer that... that's obvious... you probably have close friend who learned how to replace his hard drive and install linux and now feels he is in a virtual war against Microsoft the evil empire...

and you are his supporter.

I'm a software developer, I write applications for linux and unix too... specially VOIP (SIP) Sip proxy, PBX apps... etc.

I use a mac when I write cross browser applications...

I believe that each system have it's strength and weakness.. depending on it's intended purpose...

for example, I wouldn't try using a unix machine primarily to play games... Just like I would use a Mac to edit music...

I would use unix or linux to write VOIP apps...

I like windows personally because it supports a wider range of applications, games, etc.

Why would I hate it... like many of you? I make a living and I do not try to enforce what OS the system requires...

Sorry I am not a blind hater like you... who hates microsoft and anything from them just because "pedro" my linux nerd friend told me to...
I am very familiar and have all other OS... I use them daily.

uie4rhig3796d ago

actually i'll have you know that i myself found out about linux.. thats one.. second is, i use Windows Vista more often than i use linux.. for the same reason you said, there is a greater application support on there.. and no i don't hate Microsoft coz i use MS Office, windows etc..

sorry but your argument is wrong.. and true you are not a blind hater.. you're blind lover (ah well you know what they say.. love is blind)..

also why wudn't you try to use linux/unix for games? if devs start making games for it, you'll know that linux will run the same games with much less powerful hardware..

i feel really sorry for you, but that post just proved exactly the opposite of what you just said..

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darkequitus3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I run Vista Premium (SP2 beta)on my 24" iMac. To the point now, I use it more than my Mac native os.

With enough ram (3gb for me) and a dual core, Vista is by far the most stable and user friendly os MS has ever produced.

I agree, those who complained about vista either did not have the right setup or worse still, followed like sheep and believe a few horror stories as universal.

People still do not understand superfech and see ot a a memory hog just because some ram is pre-allcoated but released if needed


hfaze3797d ago

I hear ya on that (I'm running Vista Ultimate on my 20" iMac ;-), but I have run into enough funky issues with Vista to keep me from completely warming up to it.

The latest ATI Catalyst drivers have killed DRM on my Vista install, which is enough to keep Rhapsody from working. On my Acer Aspire 5674 running XP SP3, the latest ATI Catalyst drivers do not have the same issue.

And about the only thing I use Windows for is Microsoft Office, and Rhapsody (for my Sansa MP3 player and Rhapsody To-Go). Thus nullifying one of my two reasons...

And you use Vista more than MacOS? I love MacOS 10.5 Tiger.. Then again, I'm a UNIX head at heart... :-)

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