Silent Hill 2 Remake’s PlayStation Exclusivity Closes an Iconic Game Off

The Silent Hill 2 remake could be a turning point for the franchise, but it may also be held back by its timed console exclusivity on PS5.

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CaptainHenry916217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Silent Hill use to be a Playstation exclusive I think. By the way this game is also going to PC day one. So I don't think it will be held back.

Knushwood Butt217d ago

Silent Hill was launched on Playstation in 1999, long before Xbox was a twinkle in Microsoft's eye.

FallenAngel1984217d ago

“1999, long before Xbox was a twinkle in Microsoft's eye.”

Long before?

Microsoft began developing Xbox since 1998 😎

Knushwood Butt217d ago

@ Fallen

Yes, from that perspective you're right.

FallenAngel1984217d ago

From ‘that’ perspective? It’s the only perspective. What other perspective is there?

There’s already documented proof of Microsoft wanting to get into the console market since 1998. Then in late 1999 Bill Gates announced to the public that Microsoft was making a console.

In what perspective can “1999, long before Xbox was a twinkle in Microsoft's eye” be considered factual in the face of evidence that Microsoft was clearly working on Xbox even before then?

Knushwood Butt217d ago


Silent Hill was released on Playstation years before the Xbox was released.

Want to keep on about this? Knock yourself out.

Have a nice day.

FallenAngel1984216d ago

Obviously Silent Hill was released 2 years before Xbox came to market.

However you said “long before Xbox was a twinkle in Microsoft's eye” meaning 1999 was a year way before Microsoft conceived the Xbox which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Does that ‘?’ mean you’re unfamiliar with the phrase you yourself used?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen216d ago

Exactly. There were plenty of franchises that were exclusive to PlayStation back then and they enjoyed enormous success, like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona, and many more.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen216d ago


You know what he meant. Xbox wasn't even in the picture when Silent Hill was released so everyone who played the original knows why it was originally on and successful on PlayStation consoles.

HardKnockKid24216d ago

So for all the games that started on PS, they should never come to Xbox in their future iterations? Should Sony give up timed exclusivity on KOTOR?

Loktai216d ago


If youre going by when the thing was developed...Silent hill began development for PSX in 1996- before the XBOX (DirectX Box) was ever a twinkle in microsofts eye.. DirectX itself was rudimentary and janky at that time , and half a decade before Microsoft would get their console out the door.

FallenAngel1984216d ago

@ IGive

That phrase means something being conceived. Why use a phrase if you don’t mean it?

CML2216d ago

Okay but there were still other consoles besides Playstation.

Crows90216d ago

@fallen angel

Well from the perspective of any kind of success and an actually released console with game industry plans.

216d ago
FallenAngel1984216d ago

@ Lok

Yeah but the statement was that in 1999 that Microsoft hadn’t even conceived(long before Xbox was a twinkle in Microsoft's eye) Xbox yet which is still factually wrong

@ Talon

Yeah I’m such a prolific journalist that I write for all these websites. 🙄

You must be an idiot if you think I write any of the articles I post.

@ Crow

How does Silent Hill being successful on PS1 negate the fact Microsoft was already developing Xbox at the time

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darthv72217d ago

Yes Cap... Silent Hill is still a Playstation exclusive.

Silent Hill 2... not so much.

CaptainHenry916217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I could care less if it was a PS exclusive or not. I'm just saying this game will not be held back if it's a timed exclusive on PS and PC. Blooper team may be the one who will be holding it back.

VenomUK216d ago

Gamerant didn’t cry like this when Microsoft announced its intention to buy the mega publisher Activision Blizzard.

MADGameR216d ago

Nope. PS5 has timed exclusivity. Which means it will be a 6 months to 1 year wait for PC players. I ain't waiting, I'm getting htis day 1 on PS5.

EnViiDisnuCCa216d ago

No it's console exclusive PC players will be able to play at the same time when ps5 version is out so it won't come to xbox for 6 months to 1 Year later since its a console exclusive

lonewolf10216d ago

No matter how many times you make that statement, it does not make it true.

tay8701216d ago

@fallen. silent hill was successfull because of playstation. doesnt even matter about the twinkie comment. point is it was successful before xbox was ever sold, it will continue to be successfull even if its a timed exclusive. there are many 3rd party games that are associated with sony. doesnt seem to be hurting FF one bit. not to mention the fact a large percentage of xbots would be just whining it not on gamepass anyways.

DashMad216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Lmao at silent hill success, silent hill was niche franchise in the past all of the silent hill franchise(30 SKU) combined sales doesn't even break ten million it's why there's been no new silent hill for more than a decade and the new one is a remake/reboot not new tittles.

KillBill216d ago

Only because at the time it was really the only system available. Dreamcast was on its way out, Nintendo was hardly an option and then when Xbox hit the scene Silent Hill 2 came onto it.

Exvalos210d ago

I believe silent hill 1 was exclusive but silent hill 2 was multiplat

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Orchard217d ago

It’s coming to PC too, but realistically the thing that’ll be holding it back will be Bloober Team.

217d ago
Chriswheeler22216d ago

Spot on. Average developer is what will hold this back.

SurgicalMenace216d ago

It's funny how everyone not developing are experts on who's average or not while being in a comment section of a game site. Like these companies are doomed to remain mediocre and have no ability to improve. Perhaps some of you have accepted being average but don't assume everyone is limited to where you may be.

213d ago
SurgicalMenace213d ago

Man, I guess you showed me....🤣

isarai217d ago

I can almost guarantee it will be on Xbox 1yr after launch

darthv72217d ago

...yup. That's what they mean by other platforms.

217d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Like Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Deathloop, and Ghostwire Tokyo.

MrBaskerville216d ago

Like The Medium and Blair Witch.

rlow1217d ago

It doesn’t matter what console it landed on first. This is a classic Sony tactic of locking out a game for a year. Everyone complains about Big old bad MS beating up Sony. But that is always very far from the truth. Sony has locked out Xbox players on so many games and when Xbox does it, you would think the world had ended.

isarai217d ago

Cant even measure how stupid it is that you are comparing a timed exclusivity deal with buying an entire publishing company.

rlow1217d ago

Where Isarai did I say I was comparing the two? That came from you.
That’s the excuse people make on here every time for Sony. Instead of being able to acknowledge some of the crap they pull.
I guess we should all just turn a blind eye to it instead, because it’s not big enough of an issue.

SullysCigar217d ago

Allow me to help you. On a scale of 1-10, this is a 10.

isarai217d ago (Edited 217d ago )


Because you're referring to what "everyone complains about", and THAT is what people are complaining about when it comes to MS exclusivity deals. No one is complaining that they got The Medium for 1yr.

Lexreborn2216d ago

@rlow1 you mean how Bayonetta 2, 3 have been regulated to a Nintendo exclusive even though they don’t own platinum or the IP? How no more heroes 3 was exclusive to switch for nearly 2 years before hitting other platforms? How ultimate alliance 3 is stuck to switch with no other platform to benefit?

How the medium, the ascent and scorn are all 1 year exclusives to ms? Or perhaps how MS has now cut other people out for future Bethesda’s/zenimax titles except their platform?

Oh yeah your right… Sony are pure evil for securing a year exclusivity and no one else does the same or worse….

rlow1216d ago

@Lexreborn2 how do those games even compare to FF, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Silent Hill, Spider-Man, and Batman the list can just go on and on?
Does this make Sony terrible? No
But is it all right to call them out on it.
Bring up Nintendo and MS all you want but that doesn’t detract from the fact that the Market leader does some under handed tactics that leave some consumers out in the cold as well.


You are like two gens too late to complain about timed exclusivity, aren't you? I mean, this is exactly how MS started the whole paying their way through the gaming industry back on the early days of Xbox 360, I believe Bioshock was the first game literally paid to held off another platform... But doesn't matter, Sony and Ninty soon followed, by now you should know there's no worse side in that fight, they all do it and yes it's entirely anti-consumer, but to pretend this issue on the same level as purchasing a whole publisher to undercut your competition gotta be the stupidest thing anyone ever tried to push here.

rlow1216d ago

Okay, so your a little late to the party. This type of exclusives goes back easily to the PS1 era and Nintendo and one can probably go back to Sega Nintendo days. Xbox didn’t start it , it was already a practice. Hell Sony locked Nintendo out of Final Fantasy way back in the PS1 era, before Xbox was even a thought. Nice try

shinoff2183216d ago

Rlow from what i read ninty locked themselves out of ff due to be stubborn and sticking with cartridges. Ff have all released on ninty pretty sure 7 8 9 10 12

KillBill216d ago

Xbox gets a game a year later and everyone exclaims... it already came out on PlayStation you are playing leftovers... it don't count.

So people make slight of the fact Sony is always making games exclusive for 1yr and everyone exclaims... but it doesn't matter because Xbox bought this or that dev team.

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HotMoltenLava216d ago

Took the words out of my mouth.

Chevalier216d ago

Cool would really love to play Hellblade 2 and all the new Bethesda games that you know were actually multiplatform games. Oh wait forget about timed we can't do that. But 6 month and 1 year timed is 'worse'?! Cool where did we see you complain that Playstation players can't play Warhammer Darktide for example because Xbox paid for timed exclusivity?

Not sure how you're crying this is bad, but, what Xbox is doing with Bethesda is infinity worse because those games NEVER will be on other platforms now.

Outside_ofthe_Box216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

"@Lexreborn2 how do those games even compare to FF, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Silent Hill, Spider-Man, and Batman the list can just go on and on?"

So you are saying that Sony should just buy SE, Capcom, Konami, etc and just make their games permanently exclusive and you'll be okay with it just like you are right now with Microsoft's underhanded tactics that leave some consumers out in the cold as well. 👍

shinoff2183216d ago

Im ok with sony doing that tit for tat

shinoff2183216d ago

Locking out for 6 months to a year(which ms has done. Tales of vesperia couldnt release in the west on ps3 due to ms) Not buying the whole publisher. Huge difference jerky.

-Foxtrot216d ago

A years exclusive title is not as bad as Microsoft buying two entire f****** publishers with multiple hot franchises being closed off.

Microsoft started this whole thing on the Xbox 360

Of course rivals are going to respond in the same manner when they can

MrBaskerville216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

They all do it. MS recently did the same with Medium, Scorn, Myst, Tunic, Blair Witch, Stalker 2 to name a few.

Nintendo has also been doing it a lot. Though I do think they seem to be acting more as a publisher for games no one wants to publish.

SurgicalMenace216d ago

I mean, why not get the exclusive deal when the numbers SHOW that the weakest sales are on XB platforms. Why even waste the time launching on a platform with a community that expects everything to be on GP. Get the year to exclusively be on a platform that's proven that they've got a community of buyers then launch on GP to get more money than they would waiting for XB to produce like PS.

Note: Sony doesn't "lock out" Xbox players, they do by not spending enough to not be locked out. Don't believe me? How many devs are willing to forgo putting their games on PS for XB? XB has to buy an entire company to gain ground over Sony. Insomniac, Sucker Punch, etc all had the ability to develop exclusively for XB but didn't. Though Arkane, Bethesda, etc were making games for the PS5 1st before the acquisition. That should speak volumes loud enough to understand.

tay8701216d ago

you mean how MS paid 100 million dollars to make rise of the tomb raider exclusive for a yr?
or how about going back to MS buying exclusivuty of bioshock and mass effect. or paying millions of dollars to lock the 2 gta 4 dlcs for a year. or how about the medium or more recently scorn. point is both companies do it, the difference so far sony hasnt bought up a massive publisher and locked out its games forever. personally i dont like any of bethesdas games or activisions either, but there are 10s of millions of ps gamers that do. by that rationale, how would you like sony to buy out capcom and lock out xbox gamers from resident evil, devil may cry and street fighter forever? looking more like this actuvision deal may get nixed.

Eonjay216d ago

Bro this is like when Microsoft signed the Medium for one year. Exactly like it but I doubt you had a whole baby when Microsoft did I. Did you talk about their tactics of locking gamers out? No because you are faking rage. When Sony buys 2K or EA them you can come back and have a real baby.

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EvertonFC217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

"held back" how Xbox gamers only like paying $1 for shit anyway and f2p ?
They clearly don't like AAA as nothing ever comes to Xbox of any real significance 😉🤭🤫

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StarkR3ality216d ago

Yeah, game pass is so bad that Playstation are now modelling their entire subscription service on it.. :L

Say what you want about Xbox's first party output, yeah it's shit. But Game pass is a separate fantastic thing all together, the amount of incredible games on it is ridiculous. I've played more AAA games through game pass than I have since I had my PS5, reply to that what you will.

For example playing Total Warhammer 3 at the minute. I suggest you take your head from Sony's ass and take a better look, don't even need an Xbox to take advantage, get on your PC and stop neglecting a good deal.

EvertonFC216d ago

Psnow came 1st numpty, MS copied playstation apart from day1 1st party titles.
You been living under a rock ?

StarkR3ality216d ago

Yeah, and it was crap. So they've changed it to better fit what game pass does.. listen I know you don't like people talking positively about Xbox or bad mouthing Playstation (your girlfriend the way you go on) but there's no need to close yourself off to deals that benefit consumers, take advantage where you can buddy.

Also, pretty sure you were praising the new PS plus in multiple articles everton, that's because of game pass. You're welcome 😅

crazyCoconuts216d ago

The biggest thing PS changed was merging it into PS Plus and adding a tier. Much of it hasn't changed really.

Zhipp216d ago

Psnow didn't even support downloads until gamepass came around.

shinoff2183216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Actually ps now was out first by about 2 3 years if im not mistaken. Gampass was better then ps now but ms modeled it after ps now my guy

For the record i also have gamepass. I go buy shinoff2183 there as well

Angyobangyo216d ago

PSnow did not come first, Gaikai was it's own thing before Sony bought it, then Sony aquire the patents from OnLive before the come got liquidated. They've been sitting on cloud tech since 2012 and barely did anything with it until the PS4.

Please tell us how successfull the service was and how Sony pushed to make it better? Oh, that's right, we barely noticed its existance before gamepass or any other cloud service at that time. Like or not, Gamepass made Sony pull up their socks to start offering something similar in terms of value, if that wasn't the case we would still have the same PSnow as before. Even now, the refined tiered system is baffling. Having to pay for the higher tiers for "classic" titles is great value, right....right, got to pay up extra for that nostalgia because screw backwards compatibilty in our systems.

And before you @ me, I primarily game on Playstation.

216d ago
IRetrouk216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Ps now came out years before gamepass and was available on the ps3.... not sure you mentioning what companies and patents sony bought to make that happen shows that psnow didn't come before gamepass.....

They pushed to make it better by including more and more games and improving their streaming was also cheaper than gamepass, and still is.... while still offering double the games.

Gamepass did have an effect though, we got downloads and an eventual overhaul because of it, however, psnow has always had more value, it offers more games at a cheaper price and still does.

I agree the tier system needs work, but the top teir costs the same as a year of standard gamepass, dont want the classics, drop down a tier.

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