Fable: The Case for Starting Classes

Game Rant Writes "The Fable reboot is presumably coming along in development now, and the game may benefit from giving the player starting classes to choose from."

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DOMination-95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Fable has always been an RPG-lite game designed mainly for kids or the "Xbox crowd" who generally have no clue about RPGs so mechanics such as farting has been more important than levelling up, classes, or narrative.

The developers also have had an abysmal recent record. I have no faith that these guys can make anything that isn't full of bugs

Lightning7795d ago

Fable has always been an RPG-lite game designed mainly for kids or the "Xbox crowd"

Didn't know crude humor and sex scenes were aimed towards. You never played it clearly lol wow.

DOMination-95d ago

Oh my mistake. Didn't realise that sex scenes = RPG.

But as you mentioned it, please link me to one of these sex scenes you mention. Afterall, I've never played it and you're a franchise expert so finding this should be quite easy for you.

Lightning7795d ago

It blacks it out but it's a sex scene. It's all over YT.

Bladesfist95d ago

As a gamer who primarily plays games on PC, I think I've heard this about all console RPGs. RPG elitism is a little silly, not every game needs to be a proper pen and paper adaption.

Inverno95d ago

I prefer classes along with a classless option. Tho from what I remember from Fable 2 you were pretty much good at everything and there wasn't much need to tie yourself to one type of play style.

HyperMoused94d ago

I enjoy class systems much more than just do whatever you want, only problem is late game stuff, its good when you are a class and it stays that way, not just get so powerful in the mid to end game that you are everything now.