Hands On: Resident Evil 4 PS5 Makes a Masterpiece Even Better | Push Square

pushsquare: "A recent Hands On session at Capcom's UK headquarters revealed to us that almost everything you remember from the PS2 classic is back — but better than ever. Resident Evil 4 is bigger and better; there's so much more to it, expanding on what was already there. We came away even more confident it'll be the 10/10 experience everyone is hoping for."

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SullysCigar104d ago

Sounds awesome. I really want more details on the PSVR2 compatibility, but I'm definitely getting this regardless.

Neonridr103d ago

when was their news about RE4 for PSVR2? the only thing we knew about was Village.

SullysCigar103d ago

Nope. They announced PSVR2 compatibility when RE4 Remake was announced during State of Play.

Fishy Fingers102d ago

It has confirmed PSVR "content", id temper your expectations until they confirm exactly what that means.

Neonridr102d ago

@Fishy Fingers - ahh, I see. I must have missed that.

neutralgamer1992102d ago

Sound awesome and I hope there is a story setting difficulty option for us to enjoy (it should be called busy dad casual gamer 😆)

TheColbertinator102d ago

Those quick QTEs should be removed. I don't have reflexes like those young whippersnappers.

shinoff2183102d ago

Masterpiece? Debatable. I feel re4 was a good game but i felt it sucked as a resident evil game

Bathyj102d ago

I tried to play it 3 times
Couldn't handle the controls. Standing still to shoot seemed so outdated.

shinoff2183102d ago

I always get hate about that. My guess is alot of people around played it as kids so its a little different for them. Like i said though solid game. Shtty resident evil game. In fact that was the start of the downfall of the series. Re 4 5 6 trash

CrimsonWing69102d ago

Why do you consider RE 4, 5, and 6 to be trash?

cluclap102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

It's a masterpiece because it basically laid the groundwork for every third person shooter after its release even til this day. There was literally nothing like it at the time I dont see how people dont understand this. From gameplay, cinematics, qte the game introduces dozens of "firsts" into modern gaming.

curtain_swoosh102d ago

definitely going to get it. it looks amazing and i loved resi 4

SyntheticForm102d ago

Capcom has done a great job with these new REs.