TrustedReviews: Top 10 Games of 2008

While it might not have hit the heights of 2007 as a great year for gamers, 2008 certainly had its share of triumphs, with October and November in particular delivering a string of strong sequels and exciting new discoveries that left most of us without the time or money to play all of them. In the run from January to December TrustedReviews had a few surprises, a few damp squibs and the odd game that was over-hyped and over-rated, but the titles on this list have stood the test of time, and stick in their memories as the year's very best. They know some of these choices will be controversial and that some of you reading this won't agree - heck, some of the TR staff don't agree - but these are the games they'll be remembering and replaying as they push on forwards into 2009.

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ikiru33853580d ago

Fable 2 = GOTY, really?

-GametimeUK-3580d ago

Fable2 >>> MGS4

I buy games to play them... I buy movies to watch them
I do not buy games to watch them and thats why my copy is sitting in some pre owned bin somewhere or some poor n00b made the mistake of buying this movie thinking it was a game

OmarJA3580d ago

Oblivion >>>>> Fable 2...

& please don't put that game with MGS4 in the same sentence.

ChampIDC3580d ago

Some people just don't like MGS4's long cutscenes and mature themes. It's kind of understandable with how little people care about thinking these days. People love mindless games. Wii is proof of that. It's sad but true.

Also, it's nice to finally see Crysis Warhead get a little recognition. I love that game.

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BkaY3580d ago

i mean metal gear solid 4 is not in the fuking list but its in the .... honorable mention....

u joking right....

tatotiburon3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Get a life, you are bashing sites because they didn't gave the GOTY to MGS4. MGS4 isn't the only game around, this year we had a lot of good games and fable 2 deserved it. This is the fifth GOTY award for Fable 2.

This is pathetic, all year you were bashing gamespot but now they gave GOTY to MGS4 now you love GS agaib, Giant Bomb gave GOTY to MGS4 and now giant bomb is the best site of the planet, if Giant Bomb gave GOTY to GTAIV you will be bashing it as well.

Sad people.

Good for Fable 2, an incredible game.

Fable 2 GOTY Telegraph
Fable 2 GOTY Truted Reviews
Fable 2 GOTY Digital Home
Fable 2 GOTY Guardian

PirateThom3580d ago

It's actually the third GOTY award for Fable 2 with XPlay being the only big gaming outlet to give it one.

Bigrhyno3580d ago

Giantbomb hasn't released their Game of the Year yet.

BkaY3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

i said.... it should be in the list .. ... my GOTY is either FAllOut3, mgs, lbp or gears 2.... cant decide ...coz i lov them

but not even on the list ?..... comon....

ChampIDC3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I can't say I agree with MGS4 not being on the top 10, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own tastes.

1. Some people don't like long cutscenes.
2. Some people don't like mature, intelligent themes in games.

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Atomic3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

making the most untrustworthy top 10 list on the net.

what do we call that , irony or a paradox?

celldomceen13580d ago

i wonder when the opinion became such a hated thing?

BkaY3580d ago

why they are posting their opinion then......?

celldomceen13580d ago

i mean any list like this is just opinion, that being said it can still be gaming news just like a famitsu or ign review. its still just someones opinion, just seems there is more hatred for the opinion nowadays.

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