Mass Effect Main Campaign to be 20-30 Hours

When you drop the best part of £50 on a new game you want to get your money's worth. This is something an RPG is traditionally good for, offering plenty of gameplay hours for your pound.

It comes as a slight disappointment then that BioWare's upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Mass Effect will only feature a main campaign lasting between 20 and 30 hours. This is according to Microsoft who clarified the game's length to Team Xbox after BioWare's CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka had said the main campaign would last around 40 hours.

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SuperSaiyan44900d ago

Lets think this through, the game looks gorgeous, its built on the Unreal 3 engine, and if the main quest lasts around 20-30hrs firstly thats a lot longer than the fantastic Fable imo which I heavily enjoyed playing.
Then take into account the time you will be spending looking at the environments then take into account exploring and the side quests and the varied options including the AI etc.

Probably a straight rush of the main campaign is 20-30hrs which sounds fantastic if you dont include any of the above and just go in warp speed.

BoneMagnus4900d ago

a game length of 50 hours is great. Plus they have talked about DLC since the game was first announced.

I'm about 105 hours into Oblivion and about 20% into the main quest by my best guess. I've dwnld Knights of the Nine, but haven't gotten to it yet, and I'll get Shivering Isles also. My point is that I love a game that gives the sense of "never-ending", but too many of those games would be overwhelming.

The other thing is replay value. Bioware games are known for being worth a second(or third)playthrough with a different alignment/class that changes the game significantly - I'm of course referring to the KOTOR series and Jade Empire.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4900d ago

To me perfect is FPS: 10-20hrs RPG: 30-50hrs so imo 30hrs would just be right. I hated how long Oblivion was and hated how short Halo 2 was and with downloadable content that can add 5-10 more each download. That sounds alright to me 20 is way to freaking short though.

specialguest4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

20hrs is pretty damn short for an RPG. Pretty disappointing, but I suppose everything else will make up for it. To me, RPGs need to be long, because you only play it once or twice then it goes in the closet, unlike FPS where you have LAN/Online multiplayer games that can go on forever.

Grown Folks Talk4900d ago

on how linear the game is. this one seems pretty open from what they say. if that's the case, you can play through it multiple times and get a different experience. that, plus the additional content they will introduce, makes for a vastly extended experience. i think this game will set the standard for the future of games in general, not just RPGs.

PS360WII4900d ago

so this game will be done in a week? sooooo I'm sorry I hate to be a prick but I thought next gen games are for massive never ending worlds. All we are getting are sweet graphics and less game...

Anyways side quests yes will add at least another 10 or more hours to play time

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The story is too old to be commented.