Why Fable is More Important Than Elder Scrolls 6 or Avowed

Amidst a sea of projects picked up through acquisitions, the Fable reboot could prove that the Xbox’s old franchises aren’t tapped yet.

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anast95d ago

No. They spent an obscene amount on Bethesda. If they fail to deliver on ES6, the Bethesda buyout will look like the Russell Wilson trade to the Broncos. It will be the biggest misstep in gaming history. Not to offend Fable fans, but Fable is really far down on the ladder compared to ES6.

HardKnockKid2495d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Agreed, from a Fable & ES fan. ES has sold millions and millions more units that fable for a reason.

shinoff218395d ago

Great analogy. I always felt wilson a bit overrated but he was a good qb. Hes not showing it though.

anast95d ago

I agree. The Wilson trade might set back Denver for years. They gave way too much for a QB that has to have a hall of fame D and a hall of fame RB to win. Similarly Bethesda has to have a great modding community because they can't do it on their own.

NINJA568995d ago

yeah, i dont know why this is even talked about and it should be obvious. No one even talks about fable at this point.

SinisterKieran95d ago

its gonna be hard, need to see it. fable had such a nice charm to it that i don't know if they can capture again.
fable 1 is amazing but i loved them all.

Gamesual195d ago

Nope, no comparison in legacy or importance between it and ES.

fitofficial95d ago

LOL... this is one of the most delusional things I've ever read. Main Elder Scrolls releases are literally generation-defining games.

Fable? Yeah. No.

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