Silent Hill Reveals Lend Credibility to Year-Old Metal Gear Solid & Castlevania Leaks

The recent Silent Hill reveals from Konami lend credibility to Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania leaks from last year.

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Flawlessmic106d ago

Dear God give me some mgs 1,2,3 remakes and remasters please!!!!!

Storm23106d ago

Oh yeah...and throw 4 in there since it is stuck on PS3. 4k, 60 for those games would be a dream come true.

MrVux000106d ago

Don't ... don't give me hope.

MIDGETonSTILTS17106d ago

If they are smart, they’d include the pt demo hidden in files….

Deathdeliverer106d ago

It would be straight up outstanding to get a Metal gear remake that also has a remade MGO. None of that stupid Konami ID crap forced on you. Just a straight up modernized MGO. That game was soooo damn fun. Yeah you could troll the heck outta people with the tranquilizer/magazine combo, but mannn it was funny as hell. Sneaking up on someone that’s sneaking up on someone was epic. Man the more I think of it they more awesome it gets. The draw distance sucked on some maps, but to have todays systems? It could be epic.

FallenAngel1984105d ago

MGO2 was my favorite mode. It had so many features that didn't carry over to MGO3

Deathdeliverer105d ago

Yep! I loved them all. Hanging out in Octocamo was sick too. Some clutch dog tag steals still play in my mind

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