Silent Hill 2’s New Over The Shoulder Perspective Should Help The Game Feel More Modern

Bloober's remake of Silent Hill 2 seems incredibly faithful to the original, but an over-the-shoulder perspective might lend itself to modern horror.

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Aussiesummer225d ago

But will also take away from the iconic look and feel of it, I'd love for some cool camera angles here and there or even an option to have the old school camera angles as an unlock.

NapalmSanctuary225d ago

it needs the fixed camera as an option, not an unlock

got_dam225d ago

I'm hoping this game is good. I don't mind over the shoulder. It worked well for REmake 2. But that game was also faithful to spirit of the original.

shinoff2183225d ago

Im so sick if thus saying of making something feel modern. Its downright annoying. Like back in the day i played something inferior. If anything when i see that saying i typically dont like what they done. Final fantasy for instance got rid of turn based to be modern and cater to the young crowd. Eh ff

Knushwood Butt225d ago

Yeah, 'modern'. Resi 4 was over the shoulder. Welcome to 2005!

Nacho_Z225d ago

I suppose it depends on if it was a creative choice or a technological necessity. Creative choices in a remake should be respected and left intact as much as possible but something like fixed cameras with tank controls can remain in the past for me.

NapalmSanctuary225d ago

I'll respect it if the game they make earns my respect. Fixed cameras is the only style that allows the devs to apply actual cinematography to a video game camera, outside of cutscenes. Something that is particularly useful with horror games. Fixed cameras were never used in Silent Hill out of necessity as they were all fully 3D rendered games. If i remember correctly, SH 1-4 used them almost exclusively for indoor environments. Only using them outdoors sparingly, but to great effect. They used a behind-the-back camera for most outdoors areas and straight hallways. The idea that fixed cameras shouldn't ever be used because they don't have to be, is itself a limitation on creativity.

generic-user-name225d ago

Fixed camera angles were good for hiding technical limitations and providing cheap jump scares from off-screen enemies. SH2's weakest aspect was always the combat, if over the should makes combat feel better (RE2 Remake proved yes, it does), then I'm all for the change.