Silent Hill is back — and so, dare we say it, is Konami

Konami, as an entity that seems to care about making cool video games, is back.

lodossrage223d ago

I'm not too sure about that.

From what I can tell, All Konami did was let developers that either are average at best or unproven handle one of their IP and try to get mainstream appeal with a movie and streaming series.

To be fair though, I think a Silent Hill movie was made many years ago.

lonewolf10222d ago

2 were made, in 2006 and 2012.

CaptainHenry916222d ago

They both were mediocre. Actually the sequel sucked

VenomUK221d ago

Konami has partnered with studios to create these Silent Hill games. It suggests this is what it has done for the rumoured Metal Gear Solid remake.

Dirty_Lemons222d ago

Yeah and Christophe Gans directed the original and the upcoming one. BluePoint also have a pretty impressive track record so far, I'd argue, although I agree I am not willing to say "Konami is back" until I see these games a little further down the line in development.

jambola221d ago

I hate to break it to you
not bluepoint

Dirty_Lemons221d ago

@jambola ahhh my bad! They made Observer though, that had some f****d up imagery so maybe they'll do good with it. I'm about to start The Medium too, that caught my eye a while back but not sure what it's even about.

Orchard222d ago

Are they though? Let’s look at what we’ve got:

- An SH2 remake that already looks off from a company who is likely to screw it up
- A few SH new game announcements with no real details, again with weird developer choices
- A new movie and some kind of live twitch game event
- MGS and Castlevania still completely MIA

Hard to say they’re back, and seeing other articles floating around comparing them to Capcom is comical.

222d ago
Deathdeliverer222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

I’d add a Suikoden,Zone of the Enders, Contra, or Gradius to the mix. At the very least a new solid AAA game. Nope. We have pachinko. Solid history that they do NOTHING with. Hell, MGS rising was awesome and Jack is still destroying folks on death battle. No part 2 in sight and THAT is definitely a game that can go it’s own path and start a series.

BrainSyphoned222d ago

Someone changed Polygon's calendar to April 1st

jambola222d ago

Many years ago
And they never changed it

hotnickles222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

It was a great showing considering that I had exactly zero expectation for anything good.

jznrpg222d ago

They are starting to come back so it’s a good start . If they don’t make use of their IP but let others that’s fine with me . 2D Castlevania next please

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