6 Reasons Why Killzone 2 Will Be Badass

"Killzone 2, the upcoming Hard Sci-Fi shooter exclusively for the PlayStation 3, developed by guerrilla games and to be published by Sony is on it's way, the 25th of February 2009(EU release date) is nearly upon us, this article highlights some of the reasons why Killzone 2 will be a great shooter for the PS3 platform."

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Why o why3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Agreed. Not one bad preview yet.

The blind are still hating on this 1 because of its predecessor which is stupid...... Do 'they' ever apply that same logic to the 360 because of its culled predecessor....?

Show how big and adult you ardent 360 guys can be. Show some effin love for once instead of all the BS hate *looks at openzones opening comment*.

Respect to all who can see something special in the making EVEN if its NOT your cup of tea or is NOT on your console as you wont feel like the guys on the outside looking in on a gen defining piece of software.

DragonWarrior465343672d ago

I got a good reason why this game is gonna be bad ass. I was in the beta and it was really really fun. That should be enough of a reason for any gamer.

Zolin3672d ago


TVC153672d ago

I'm not saying Killzone 2 is going to be bad, it looks pretty cool.(Need to play it before I judge the gameplay)

But seriously BOTS?!?! Gears 2 has bots already and the only thing they do is to fill up the empty slots in private matches. oh yeah totally badass!!!

and multiplayer classes?? TF2 already perfected that system it's not even worth attempting to imitate.

ok stat tracking and clans sure why not, it'll just be like but officially run by the developors or something.
I mean gamebattles already does a fine job of setting up clan matches

N4360G3672d ago

Guerilla Games learned from their mistakes,and many people worked on Killzone 2,and 20 million dollars were put into Killzone 2.I can't wait to play Killzone 2,day one buy for me!!

jammy_703672d ago

i just hope to god that sony advertise the hell out of this 1!!!

Gamingisfornerds3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I hope you have similar fantastic speeches whenever Sony fanboys are all over anything Microsoft made?!

Seriously, all I see on any forum is Sony fanboys boasting about this game, flaming at 360 only owners and complaining about the hate. I think it's the Sony fanboys themselves creating this "virtual hate" rather than the so called "hate on Killzone 2".

Sure, the game get's plenty of flack, but what console exclusive doesn't?! Get over it already.

Anyway ontopic, I might get a PS3 again for this game, and mainly for the MP. I'll have to try it out for myself though, see how the controls feel like and how the overal mechanics work out. I'm not all that charmed by the PS3 controller, but I'm sure I can manage. I like the fact that the MP is kind of "bunny hopping, side sliding" proof. I hate it when you're trying to shoot someone and he's dancing and jumping around like a lunatic, making it impossible to hit him... :(

na2ru13671d ago

then you shouldn't even be a gamer......or is it overexaggeration?
Did you play all your Snes/Genesis games with your beloved 360 pad?

Oh that's right lol your a 12 year old haha.

Sitdown3671d ago

Clearly you did not really read the post by gaminingisfornerds. Do you think "gamers" necessarily adapted and loved the controller of the jaguar?...but I digress, cause that was not really the argument being made by gamingisfornerds.

@Why o Why?
I have not really seen anybody hating on Killzone 2 because of its predecessor.....while I have seen individuals being cautious about this title..because of its predecessor; hating and being cautious is different.

"culled predecessor"? Exactly what do you mean? Especially if you are using "culled" to mean rejected because of inferior quality........does the statement "culled predecessor" put you in the same boat of blind hate that you are accusing others of?

Gamingisfornerds3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

That the tool above me (Na2Ru1) actually get's 2 agree's with a comment like that and even has 7 bubbles at this point, it's just sad really. I don't know why I bother to come here and try to talk sense into people's heads, because it's just pointless.

Fortunately for me there's also people like Sitdown, who make me aware of the fact that I'm not living in some kind of Twilight Zone, and that there actually are gamers that are actually...GAMERS.

Anyway, I agree with Sitdown. There's nothing wrong with being cautious with your view/opinion on this game. There's NO GUARANTEE this game will be all it's hyped to be, just like any other game out there. Previews are also nothing to go by, rarely are they negative and all the more often are they overhyping by nature.

That all said, I have a good feeling about Killzone 2. So there, disagree with that silly fanboys! ;P


You act like guerrila games said they came up with all this stuff and know one else has thought of it, i do believe they've stated that they are taking everything that was good from any FPS games and other types of games and putting in one awesome package, because come on how many games do you know have all those features in one game, there isnt. Yea bots arent new, ever played the first RED FACTION, that had bots, and plus the bots in KILLZONE 2 arent going to just fill in the gap, like GeoW 2, they're going to be very smart, because is it just me or were the bots in the first KILLZONE awesome, taking cover flanking and even running from to take better cover, they were hard to kill at times.

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Nathan Drake3672d ago

2.High quality storyline.
3.High quality controls.
4.High quality graphics.
5.High quality audio.
6.High quality online.

These are my 6 reasons why KZ2 will be a fantastic product

Lord Vader3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Thats alot of "High Quality" components from someone who has never played the game.

I suppose it should be very "High Quality" considering the amount of time & money & hype thats been thrown at the game...

But I'll give a hopeful agree & hope that KZ2 lives up to all your "High Quality" Hype... it's one of the main reasons I bought a PS3.

Mozilla893671d ago

I'm not trying to knock your decision or something but I never understood why people would spend $400 on a game system just for one game. I mean there are so many great games available on the PS3 why wait just for Killzone?

ALL_STAR_283671d ago

well i have played the game well the beta and i can say that all of his high quality statements are true!! :)

Potty Scotty3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

6 Reason's KillZone 2 will suck ass:

1. It's on Playstation 3 (A system with horrid architecture and a fan base of 12 year old lemmings)
2. It's Sony's answer to Halo, so it's just a wanna be
3. The original KillZone sucked ass
4. It's yet another shooter
5. Playstation 3 controller
6. The original KillZone only ever sold 750,000 units

Sully3672d ago

you type all that trash and yet you approved the article. WoW just wow!

You must be a fakeboy.

silverchode3672d ago

"fan base of 12 year old lemmings" didnt know 12 year olds could afford a 400$ console.

Jager3672d ago

First Killzone sold over 2mil btw... Your Fear.... you reek of it..

GiantEnemyLobster3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

What stupid reasons. Makes it sound just like any other FPS to me... which doesn't surprise, Sony has a great track-record of copying from other games.

Oh, and wasn't HAZE supposed to be 'Badass'? Just saying.

Queers of War3672d ago

you're just too poor to afford a ps3. sounds like jealousy. whats the matter, the rich kids in school all got one but you don't? maybe if your mom was a better looking whore she could make more money. or maybe if your dad didn't blow off all of the money on booze, then just MAYBE they could've afforded you one. Since it's past christmas, and you still sound bitter, I'm assuming Santa didn't get you one, either. Haha.

GiantEnemyLobster3672d ago

At one point I had a PS3, 360, and a Wii. Sold my Wii because I never played it, as well as my PS3 because it did nothing but collect dust (literally, that crappy plastic case was a freakin' dust magnet).

None-the-less, I prefer FPS gaming on PC, I've still yet to play a FPS better than Battlefield 2.

bmatthews3672d ago

That was one of the funniest comments I've read! LOL... so true

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TIKUP3672d ago

lol^^^^^^ But this game is gona blow my socks off, anyone agree?? I cant bloody wait for this masterpeice to come out!!!!!! :)

CoolTrainer3672d ago

I hope it is as good as you make it out to be!!!

Atomic3672d ago

I expect this game to outsell Halo 3 by a significant margin.
this is the game that defines the PS3.

goflyakite3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Don't get me wrong, I think Killzone 2 is a much better game, it's amazing.

But to pass Halo in sales would say a lot. Halo has too big of a fan base.

Anyways, I can't wait for this game. Day 1 purchase for me.

cLiCK_sLiCK93672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Killzone 2 might be the better game, but I dont think its going to outsell Halo. We're looking at, maybe, around MGS4 numbers. IMHO.

cactuschef3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I wonder if there will be a Killzone 2 slushie at 711.

JBaby3433672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

It will sell well and most likely be a better game than Halo 3 but it does not have as extensive of a demographic, marketing, or fanbase from previous iterations.

It won't sell as well but it will be much more to my liking.

xwabbit3672d ago

What gofly said is true. Only reason y people buy the xbox is halo and gears :/, thats y they both sell a lot. Becaue any 1 who buys an xbox is for halo first and gears second. But who ever buy's PS3's buys it for all the games they trow out, not like xbox which is 2 maybe 3 with fable cus the game is good too.

LeonSKennedy4Life3672d ago

Fingers crossed for that slushie.

Giriath3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I don't see Killzone 2 outselling Halo 3 unless the masses changes their opinion of the Playstation 3 and starts buying it for real. It all depends on how many great and varied exclusives Sony pumps out in 2009, and how much they drop the price.

If they manage to get out at least five exclusive AAA titles (InFamous, GT5, Killzone 2, God of War 3 (2010?) Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Fat Princess and Flower) and drop the price by 50-100$ or more, they may have catched up to the Xbox 360 sales-wise at the end of the year, with a significantly higher sales per month to boot.

No Way3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

"What gofly said is true. Only reason y people buy the xbox is halo and gears :/," Not quite.. Geez, it gets really irritating hearing people say that. I mean, yes, everyone that owns a x360 enjoys Halo and Gears! & everyone that owns a x360 only owns Halo and Gears! /sarcasm

"But who ever buy's PS3's buys it for all the games they trow out, not like xbox" Seriously..? You're an idiot. I guess that would explain why x360 software sells so much better, eh?

But, On Topic: There is no way Killzone 2 will outsell Halo 3. KZ2 may be the better game, but Halo3's fanbase is way to big. And, looking at past games on the PS3, and even PS2, games don't usually sell to well.. Look at Metal Gear Solid 4. Didn't sell nearly as well as I had thought it would.

QuackPot3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

And I'm a PS fanboy.

The Halo franchise is just too huge and fans too loyal.

Unlike the picky picky PS fanbase.

Okay boys, I did say I'm a PS fanboy. It's just the PS fanbase is more diverse and doesn't have the hardcore FPS gamers that the xbox 360 has - reflecting in sales. Never has and unlikely never will. Suppose that what we get with diversity.

xwabbit3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

No way do know many people who own just one xbox ? Because i dont, every 1 i know that has an xbox has 2 or more. One has 5.... so the only reason y the box sales much more if because they die and people buy more. I cant rlly say sales much more cus in 22 months xbox sold 13 mill units while ps3 sold 17 mill.... so yeah.... ps3 has actually sold a lot more than xbox did in its time frame. So you should think b4 u tell call 1 an idiot.

No Way3671d ago

What in the hell are you talking about? Lmao..

Hey.. why don't you learn to read?

I never said anything about people owning more than one(1) x360, or anything about sales of the x360. And, exactly how many people do you think went and bought another x360 before the 3-year warranty and free repairs were put into place?

& Yes, I do know lots of people that own only one(1) x360. Maybe you should get out and get more friends, other than the two you know.. that your mommy payed to be your friend.


xwabbit3671d ago

Be saying get a life and having 2 friends ur taking that off ur chest like if u knew me ? by that method its obvious u don't got a life of your own and barely friends. BTW i brought of the sales part because u said they sell more software than PS3 ? dam.... than those 4 companies that said they make more money with PS3 lied to us, i guess they are wrong and you are right. You act like if u know much, that just tells me you talk from what u hear. Maybe when you grow up ill take you serious.

No Way3671d ago

First off, I didn't say you needed to get a life. =P I just said you need more friends. Since, it's hard to believe that even with a 33 percent failure rate EVERYONE you knew has two or more x360's, unless of course, you don't know that many people to begin with..

Telling me to grow up? Nice.. Anyway, the way software sells doesn't really have much to do with the amount of hardware sells. Take the PS2 for example, high quality and very high profile games usually didn't sell anywhere near 10m copies even with the PS2 having a 100+million install base. And, you see, just as you said, I was talking about *software* you were talking about *hardware* and in case you didn't notice before, they are not the same thing..

You need to learn a little bit about accounting, finances, and fiscal periods, son. Every.. every company has different methods for their fiscal periods, and the way they do their finances. So mattering on their methods, it will show where they sold more. And, I do believe that those Four(4) companies you are talking about take their information from Microsoft and Sony, who, surprise surprise, have different methods of how they turn in their numbers and fiscal periods. So say, for example, if MS turns in their numbers in December against Sony turning in their numbers in July.. then, yes, it will show that they sold better on Sony's PlayStation 3. Simple accounting right there for ya..

Am I saying that they lied? Of course not. Am I saying I know everything? Of course not, but I do know enough.

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