The game industry's New Year resolutions

Destructoid: With Christmas over, it's now time to sit back and reflect upon the kind of year that 2008 was, while looking ahead to a whole new one. A whole new one that will probably play out exactly the same as this year.

One tradition of the New Year is the famous resolution, where naive people set themselves a list of achievements and improvements that won't be adhered to over the coming year. Since the game industry could do with a lot of improvement, we have taken the liberty of drawing up its own list of resolutions, which each publisher and executive is welcome to print out, sign, and pin to their office walls.

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Cajun Chicken3583d ago

Less generic army type marines. Give the people some real character, not the stereotypical balding, mid thirties, grumpy, wartorn g!t you don't give a toss about, nor the guy who goes;
"Woo Yeah! Thats wut I talkin' 'bout!". As a lame comedy sidekick, because he has no documented life other than his 'comical relief' lines.

I want some real fleshed out characters, I want to know that theres just more than the situation of war behind them. CoD4 did it quite nicely. Look at Nathan Drake for example, lets be having some compassionate lead characters, not just the tortured soul, lets have the time of the likable lead character back.

Oh, and more quality Platformers that spawn franchises; those are sadly missed.

Significently less space marine based games