Microsoft Invents $1.25/Hour Gaming Fee For Kids

"Microsoft's vision of your computing future is on display in its just-published patent application for the Metered Pay-As-You-Go Computing Experience."

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Megaton5584d ago

Microsoft: The future is just a nickel and dime away!

cLiCK_sLiCK95584d ago (Edited 5584d ago )

And its sad that the average joe will think its a good deal.
This is just ridiculous. Next thing you know, they'll be charging to play online with your Xbox.

duplissi5584d ago

1.2 - haha good one, but they wouldnt do that would they???? :(

Legion5584d ago

Read the patent people. The charge will be no different then what internet cafes do now. It includes the use of the computer, software, connection... everything you need to get on line. It is basically just a stand alone system that can be quickly mass produced and setup through out the world. Allowing Microsoft Internet Cafes with an easy drop in hardware source. What's so new...? The direct nature of the software/hardware use for fee transfer.

Sarick5584d ago (Edited 5584d ago )

Another reason why not having a monopoly in the gaming industry is a good thing. Let us be glad there are three big guys in this market not just one.

It was great that PSN and Nintindo is nearly free without monthly fees. I just hope Sony doesn't do more of the 50 cent - $2 dollar virtual clothing stuff like they're doing in @Home.

meepmoopmeep5584d ago

lulz @ #1

so true.
they would charge for MSN chat if they could.
but the competition is giving chat free.
i mean, who charges for stuff your competition gives free?

oh... wait...


LoVeRSaMa5584d ago (Edited 5584d ago )

Do they want to kill there Company?

As soon as they start doing things like this, there competitors will offer the same services, or similar for free.

Bad Mistake, how dare they change for things like gaming when you already own the PC, the game and the OS.

Bloodwar5584d ago

Most folk cannot afford this. Free downloadable word processors would spawn soon after MS started charging hourly fees to use MS word or any of their programs. Peeps would save a little extra to buy a MAC computer if MS charged hourly to use their computers. I would drop my smartphone in a heartbeat if my carrier started to charge me an hourly fee to browse the internet or watch youtube on it. There are alternatives. Thats whats nice about capitalism. MS is doing okay with Xbox Live for now for it doesn't cost so much. Will the market accept it if MS increases the price of Live by much? I don't know and hope they leave Live alone. PS3 is catching up with MS, and before long, Sony may be leading the next gen market within due time, if they haven't already, assuming there are more replacement 360's out there than there are first consoles. Yes, there are only two next gen consoles. The Wii is last gen with motion control, before anyone from the Wii camp tries to intervene. Anyways, I will be paying more attention to MS and see what comes of this mess.

power of Green 5584d ago

Looks like a bunch of haters crying, you know the folks that aviod MSFT products in the first place due to being abnormally fanatical

Megaton5584d ago (Edited 5584d ago )

I've never responded to you or any of the others around here like you, holding tight to the same corporation-worshiping mindset as if your brains came straight off a production line, but what the hell, I've had a pretty good night. For you to talk about abnormal fanaticism is an irony almost too delicious to enjoy. You're like the Sean Hannity of N4G. A living caricature of a punchline. The embodiment of all that is obnoxious, uneducated, hypocritical and delusional. For some of those like you, it's a facade meant to rile up those on the other side, but I know you really believe all of the drivel that leaves your fingertips. You've really gotta try hard to avoid critical thinking for a degree of blind dedication like that. Bravo.

Pika-pie5584d ago

When I read this short article I almost checked the calender to see that it wasnt April 1st.

But then I realised.. Is this so different to metered internet computers they have in cafes/aiports etc..... As long as there is a demand for it then it might work. $1.25 per hour is nothing

evrfighter5584d ago

That's just as bad as trying to charge pc users for the "Games For Windows/Live" platform while everybody laughed and pointed for a couple minutes and then went back to gaming on Steam.

lordgodalming5583d ago (Edited 5583d ago )

Sorry, I couldn't hear this article over the CHA-CHING of Google's cash register.

No Way5583d ago

Me.. You don't like what they are doing? Then don't use it.. Simple as that.

MNicholas5583d ago

If 20 million xbox owners and 25 Million 360 owners didnt reward Microsoft for nickel-and-diming them Microsoft would not be encouraged to pursue this new scheme of theirs.

Fortunately, there are companies, like the one I work for, which are providing consumers with a better alternative.

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ExcelKnight5584d ago

So basically, all new computers will have an arcade-styled coin slot for extra hour-credits?

This is getting more and more ridiculous.

madmike5584d ago

who s replaying in this post to see that your all brown noise sony a.s lickers enjoy

sirbigam5584d ago (Edited 5584d ago )

A one time fee just isn't enough for them,there something wrong when everyday miscilaneus thinks we use turn into regular payments in order to use them.

doshey5584d ago

no joke dude, the Alternative Source proves it

pwnsause5584d ago (Edited 5584d ago )