First Silent Hill 2 Remake Comparison Video Highlights Similarities & Differences With 2001 Original

A Silent Hill 2 Remake comparison video has been released, comparing the visuals from yesterday’s teaser to those of the original game.

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TheEnigma313227d ago

SH2 for PS2 had amazing graphics for it's time. It was closer to a launch game and still one of the best looking on the console.

z2g227d ago

game was great for its time but the remake looks really cool in comparison

z2g227d ago

this is a good age for a video game to consider a remake imo. not stuff from a couple years ago, but stuff from a few consoles ago.

shinoff2183227d ago

If your referring to the last of us it literally was a couple consoles ago.

Kassanova07227d ago

This will be special. Wise choice using UE5

Aussiesummer226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

How amazing does it look hey, how far we've come. I was obsessed with silent hill back in the day, I remember silent hill being shit on and dismissed by press at the time but I saw it at video ezy and decided to hire it anyway and that was a defining moment in gaming for me, I'd never felt dread and terror in a video game before, I couldnt get enough, i sat in my room with the curtains drawn for the entire week only occasionally surfacing for a piss and some food.
I got so many late fees, lol