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"Gotham Knights is up there with Elden Ring as a Game of the Year contender."

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darren_poolies110d ago

Wild right? I thought I was seeing things.

Bobertt109d ago

This reviewer is known for giving everything high scores so i would just ignore him he gave Bablyon's Fall an 8/10. One of the worst games in recent memory. They had to shut the game down because no one was playing it.

masterfox110d ago

"Gotham Knights is up there with Elden Ring"

how to lost all your credibility forever with a small sentence, just write stuff like the above ;)

SurgicalMenace110d ago

Credibility? It's subjective. For some of us, Elden was "meh", at best.

darren_poolies109d ago

If you think it's a GOTY candidate then you obviously don't think it's "meh"

SurgicalMenace109d ago

GOTY? Yeah from sales alone, I can see it happening, though there's nothing fresh enough about its formula that stands out, to me. It was played and soon forgotten.

darren_poolies109d ago

The open world design alone makes GOTD contender nevermind GOTY imo. But each to their own.

It's one of the highest rated game of all time so it will be a GOTY contender because of that alone, not sales.

Elda109d ago

I can agree videogames can definitely be subjective but Elden Ring is far from being meh.'s to each their own.

SurgicalMenace109d ago


You are correct; Elden Ring is far from being "meh" you. Different people, different tastes, different standards. Elden falls short in many regards, to me.

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jznrpg110d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Scorn got a 10 , a 6 hour walking simulator puzzle game with the worst combat ever and Xbox fans will defend it to death and this gets a 9 and they will say it’s crazy garbage . Looks better than Scorn by a lot and I don’t think this is a good game . It’s ma action rpgish co cop so I might try it out when it’s cheaper . God of War is coming and that’s all I need for a while

DeusFever109d ago

Is this site owned by The Onion?

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The story is too old to be commented.