Shadow of the Colossus team working on PS3 game.

Shadow of the Colossus developer Team Ico is working on a new game for the PlayStation 3, the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed. No further details were revealed though.

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MaximusPrime4890d ago

ooooh yea. SotC is made by Sony. So another EXCLUSIVE for PS3. WOOOooooooOOO.

This is another reason im getting rid of xbox360 for PS3.

hongthay4890d ago

Shadow of the Colussus was an amazing game. Sadly, I never got the chance to play Ico. This sounds really good though. We can look for another amazing game for he PS3

Antan4890d ago

ICO is a truly awe inspiring game, and was initially criminaly overlooked by the general public! though i was happy when it was rereleased when Shadow arrived.

eclipsegryph4890d ago

While I'm certainly interested to see what these guys can do with PS3's hardware, I believe that their efforts have helped to prove that you don't need a PS3 or X-Box 360 for beautiful graphics and gameplay, and that Nintendo is fairly spot on when they describe the Wii's graphics and power capabilities as "good enough".

I hope the PS3 will have a large enough base of players for a new Team ICO game to be fully appreciated, but I'm doubting it. C'est la vie.

CAPS LOCK4890d ago

they make a sequel to shadow and ico later on in the ps3's life. or they could combine the two, it would be funny though...

kamakazi4890d ago

team ICO ALWAYS = BEAUTIFUL GAMES. im glad i picked up ICO when it came out and SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS. cant wait for this new bad boy.

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The story is too old to be commented.