Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3: A Year in Review

Gamerlimit: "For a gamer, regardless of what consoles you do or do not own, 2008 has been good to you. Companies have been wising up and releasing more multiplatform games, allowing more and more gamers to enjoy their products, however there is still a good amount of exclusive games to contend with, and is taking a look them. We've assembled a list of exclusives released in 2008 for both of the major consoles."

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madmonkey03586d ago

"Overall Winner of the Year: You, the gamers"
enough said really.

Ziriux3586d ago

Nope for once huh. Everyone wins here.

madmonkey03586d ago

im sure there will be just wait.

"but but teh 360 pwns, wiv 33% failure, ps3 sux"

sarcasm off, i liked this review, i think the ps3 edged it though.

Breakfast3586d ago

...It begins.

I politely disagree.


kewlkat0073586d ago

I'm sure that is like 3% of N4G though.

cLiCK_sLiCK93586d ago

Not everbody wins.
*looks at the wii

MerkinMax3586d ago

EXACTLY! I have to list more PS3 exclusives here but LBP, MGS4, Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 all made this a great year for me. I am excluding multiplatformers but owning both consoles makes me a happy gamer.

y0haN3586d ago

The Wii sells like hotcakes but everyone who isn't a grandparent or 6 years old gets bored with it really fast and that's a shame. I haven't played mine in weeks.

Godmars2903585d ago

Except where MS off set choice over their own needs.

Danja3585d ago

PS3 wins this year.....

the 360 had a few good games..but there overall line-up 4 games..paled in comparison to the quality titles that were offered on the PS3

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Ziriux3586d ago

I agree, it's us that made the industry where it is today with the record sales in entertainment.

jack who3586d ago

xbox didnt have any racin game in 2008? wow just wow

LastDaysOfHumanity3586d ago

I don't see anything wrong with that. Xbox 360 already has Forza.

jack who3586d ago

you dont get it the site said the 360 didnt have any racin game in 2008

agentxricky3586d ago

No, you don't get it. The article is about EXCLUSIVES. Name an EXCLUSIVE racing game that the 360 got in 2008.

Eiffel3586d ago

Who plays racing games anymore?

dukadork3586d ago

lol, you're full of sh!t dude
what are you gonna say when kz2 comes out?

"who plays FPS games anymore?"

you guys are owned so deep, it's hilarious to watch you babbling nonsense while trying to keep a straight face

face it baboons: ps3 pooped on 360 in 2008
moving on to 2009 for the final knock out

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thenickel3586d ago

This whole console war reminds me of Halo2. While the covenant(ps3) and brutes(360) were fighting the Wii(master chief) was able to walk on by. It's time for gamers to help sell through word of mouth PS3 and 360 for the sake of gaming as we no it. No one ever say's anything but just imagine how much better this gen would of been for all of us if the Wii never blew up. If we can make the Wii by word of mouth then why the heck can't we destroy it instead of arguing over who's got the better value.

elorm93586d ago

I agree with the guy who said that the Wii is like a virus. You play it, and get bored with it. You have a friend who comes over and enjoys it, and buys one. Then the cycle continues. My friend himself owns a Wii and we rarely play it. Mostly his 360 since that's that only other system he owns

Veneno3585d ago

I came to my parent's house for christmas this year after not visiting them for 5 months. The first thing i noticed was that they re-painted all their walls, then I walk into the living room and I noticed a Wii plugged into their T.V. My dad is a 53 year old mexican immigrant and my mom is forty something and from mexico. They did not grow up playing games and always told me that I'm wasting my time with them. I'm also a pro game tester by the way. This is a clear sign that the Wii is the most important thing for gaming right now if it can win over my parents with the kind of background that they have, never picking up a game controller in their lives. As soon as my brother and I got there they couldn't wait to turn it on and play Wii Sports boxing. Nintendo has increased the gaming market and for that you should be thankful. I believe that both SONY and Microsoft will incorporate motion control in their next consoles to try and take some of the market that nintendo has created. But i still love my PS3.

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