Silent Hill 2 PS2 VS PS5 - Comparison

Check out the new screenshots from Silent Hill 2 Remake and how they compare to the PS2 version.


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SullysCigar229d ago

I'm going to need to see much more to settle my nerves that this remake is being looked after properly.

...I will say though, the lighting and that all-important fog both look very nice indeed.

Gardenia228d ago

The original had that grainy dark look to it, lower textures actually benefit from that. Looking at the remake it might be too sharp and too clean if that makes sense.
I will be waiting for more gameplay footage before I'm fully convinced.

masterfox229d ago

the nurses look hotter than ever, lol.

darthv72228d ago

No PS3 HD remaster footage...?

Lightning Mr Bubbles228d ago

Again, it looks crap... Comparing it to the original just makes it that much more obvious. All you have to do is compare the first scene of James looking in the mirror. James Sunderland should sue for how lame they made him look in the remake.

ChubbyBlade227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

What are you rambling about? Check your head dent

FlavorLav01227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

I totally agree. His hair looks ridiculously stiff and straw-like. Leon’s hair from the RE4 remake looks way better and it’s a cross-gen game.

shinoff2183227d ago

You gotta take your xbox goggles off and it looks pretty good after that.

Limitedtimestruggle228d ago

I just had my first playtrough of Silent Hill 2 on Playstation 2 last week, and playing on a professional CRT monitor or a consumer grade CRT over RGB-SCART...the game still looks impressive, especially for a 2001 game! It holds up great and it's terrifying still! Amazing audio design and gruelling soundtrack combined with neatly designed visuals really got me invested in the game!

I'm really hyped about the remake for sure!

Limitedtimestruggle228d ago

Yes I really liked it! For sure :) I found the original Silent Hill on PlayStation a good experience as well! I hope to get going on Silent Hill on PS2 soon!

Knushwood Butt228d ago

Yes, SH1, once you adjust to the low poly count, is still great to this day. Oozing atmosphere. And that school!

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