Thanks Nintendo-For The Playstation

Hardcore Christian Gamer writes: "Back in December of 1992 Nintendo Power released it's monthly magazine to it's readers and inside was a little surprise…The Super Nintendo was going to compete with the Sega Genesis that was ever so popular and gaining steam on it's competition with it's Sega CD. How was Nintendo going to do this? They had formed a partnership with Sony to create the Super Nintendo CD-Rom system that would boast " a custom 32-bit processor". The agreement with Sony didn't last long as relations disintegrated. Nintendo was convinced that the world was not satisfied with 16 bits and that it was necessary to upgrade to the next generation of console gaming so they eventually partnered with Phillips to bring this new system. Of course Nintendo didn't announce it's new partnership with Phillips until after Sony had announced their partnership with Nintendo, catching Sony off guard.

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meepmoopmeep3634d ago

what Nintendo did back then was brutal.
but yeah, thanks for the Playstation(s)

madmonkey03634d ago

thanks nintendo and sega, for bringing around the playstation.

Panthers3634d ago

Sony literally decided to make the playstation in revenge for what Nintendo did to them. Before Sony had no interest in video games

Elimin83634d ago

Seriously.. Thank you...

joemayo763633d ago

yea thnx nintendo for the PS family of systems....(but could u guys imagine the beast of the console, if the partnership did happen and continued on today....starts dreaming)

meepmoopmeep3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

yup, and once Sony came into the game arena they pwned Nintendo twice in a row.
hopefully a 3rd time to teach them a lesson.

gaffyh3633d ago

All true, and all Xbox fanboys have Sony to thank. Also all graphics whores need to thank sony, if they didn't join he console war, we'd probably still be playing in 2D (over-exaggeration lol)

N4360G3633d ago

Thanks Nintendo for making Playstations possible!!

ChickeyCantor3633d ago

Sony did want the rights to every thing they had...
So not surprising actually.

But just imagine the power of them combined -_-...

Tomdc3633d ago

this was news decade ago... why this is on the front page is a real wonder...

CommonSense3633d ago

we don't know the business side of what lead to these decisions. all we have are a few scattered articles that mentioned a collaboration that went bad.

there's no way to know who, if anyone, screwed who over. the only thing i saw in there was that nintendo didn't want to use CD media. and in a way, they had a good point. we did need a medium that could hold more data. but if you remember the ps1 like i do, the discs skipped all the time, and load times were a huge pain. i also remember that in a side by side comparison, the ps1 couldn't hold it's own against n64. the graphics were better, there were no load times, and you could save your games right on the cartridge. there were some definite advantages to not switching to disc at that time.

ALSO....ps1 wasn't the first to use CDs so they didn't pioneer anything. Nintendo saw how clunky sega cd was and decided the market would be better served sticking with cartridges. unfortunately, like all things, cost efficiency is what lead to developers and manufacturers preferring to make games on discs. it had very little to do with it being the better format.

SaiyanFury3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Interesting article, but not entirely accurate. Nintendo pursued a relationship with Philips because of the contract that Sony's lawyers had drawn up. Sony was to have full control over properties released on the SNES-CD or Play Station as it was to be called. Nintendo didn't like this and instead of sitting down with Sony at the negotiating table to hammer out an agreeable contract, they plunged their proverbial knife into Sony's back and struck a secret, and damaging deal with Philips. A deal that would plaque Nintendo for over a decade. Sony, with this new console idea in it's head decides to go forward and produce the world's first mainstream appealing 3-D console, the one that would bring 3-D gaming to the masses at a reasonable price. The result is the original PlayStation and my favourite console of all time. Not to mention many other older gamers' favourite as well. The original PS also had cheap and high capacity (at the time) CompactDiscs. Nintendo, still pissed at Sony refused to use CDs, the most logical format to use at the time, and used relatively low capacity and expensive cartridges. It was decisions like this that saw an exodus of SNES developers moving to the original PS.

I do thank Nintendo for it's poor foresight and lousy management decisions that allowed Sony to bring the original PS to light. It was the best decade of gaming in my memory and I'll always treasure the classics on the PS for the rest of my life.

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-GametimeUK-3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

and thanks playstation for paving the way for the greatest game console every conceived... the xbox360!

user8586213634d ago

wow gametime that made me rofl!!! great comedy!! :D

MaximusPrime3634d ago

sony didnt stop making Playstations so they got nothing to do with xbox 360 that has 33% failure rate.

So Easy I Can Do It3634d ago

...i before e except after c
with the exception of:
when sounding like "a"
as in neighbor or weigh
their, weird and either,
foreign, seize and neither,
leisure, forfeit and height

madmonkey03634d ago

that must me some sort of a joke?

Elven63634d ago

Sega and the Dreamcast had more to do with the Xbox then the Playstation or N64 ever did.

LoVeRSaMa3633d ago

*Hears the sound of a Needle being draged off an old record*


lost23633d ago

the 360 is super shìtty

gaffyh3633d ago

If Sony never joined the console war and had huge success with the PS1 and PS2, Microsoft would never have joined with the Xbox 1, cos they wouldn't expect any success at all. It would have just been Sega and Nintendo fighting it out as usual.

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user8586213634d ago

thankyou nintendo for givin us the ps1!! :D

TIKUP3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

and also the most unreliable console ever made in the history of gaming!!