Silent Hill 2 Remake Announced From Bloober Team, First Look at Pyramid Head

Konami officially announced the Silent Hill 2 remake today for PS5 after months of speculation, rumors, and leaks. The three-minute trailer offered a first glimpse of Pyramid Head while confirming that Bloober Team is handling development.

LG_Fox_Brazil228d ago

It's crazy to think that 21 years later we are all here to see the return of such a legendary masterpiece.

SenorFartCushion228d ago

Well it’s Bloober Team, so it’ll be worse

blackblades228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

I never heard of them, why people dislike them? Nevermind the guy below said they suck at everthing

Concertoine228d ago (Edited 228d ago )


They dont totally suck, but their games are half baked for sure. They make interesting worlds and stories, but the gameplay is linear and unremarkable.

Im disappointed because all i see is once again Konami outsourcing a valued IP to a random western developer. At least this one has horror experience i guess. Homecoming was made by Frogger and Barbie developers.

Im still not clear if the Japanese developed Silent Hill F is a game or not.

Ashunderfire86227d ago

Based on what I am seeing, these guys is working in collaboration with the original developers of this game. And what we see so far looks damn promising. Many people will eat their words after this.

Kaze88227d ago

@Ashunderfire86 You mean old director and composer equals to "original developers", not quite.

Neonridr227d ago

@Concertoine - bonus here is they can help re-create the world while already having the story and gameplay sort of done for them from the original. This is best case scenario for them.

FPS_D3TH227d ago

It’s under direction of the originals though. I think the hate for bloober is laughably cringe. They make mediocre games but they’re not some trash studio some edgelords want to keep pushing

Ramboforlife227d ago

You haven't seen any gameplay yet. Eeyorism on full display in this comment section.

1nsomniac227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

@blackblades they’re actually a really good developer. It’s just that they made an exclusive game for Xbox which stirred up the fanboys. Then it became cool to jump on board and grief them. Like gamers tend to do, they’re a fickle bunch.

One of the few developers that are still innovating. The way they handled dual worlds in the medium. The way they used binaural sound tech in Blair Witch was phenomenal. Then one of the first uses of full ray tracing in a game. That list alone is really impressive considering how stale the industry has been during that time and the fact they managed that while they’re not a AAA developer. I would agree they haven't hit the AAA grade yet. But it does go to show how easily gamers are led into mindless stupidity.

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SullysCigar228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Alarm bells!!!

I'm keeping hopeful though. They suck at story, script, characters, snappy gameplay. But that's already there.

All they need to do is bring the visuals and audio to today's standards and enhance the controls, utilise DualSense.

Even they can't mess that up...can they?!

Kinda hoping what we've seen so far is early days.....

on_line_forever227d ago

- i have bad feeling for this , The first look not good to me specially the actors voice i will low my expectations

- Bloober Team 👎

Lightning Mr Bubbles228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece in my opinion. It's my 2nd favorite game of all time. ALL TIME! That's how highly I think of this game. Yet the footage of this remake already looks disappointing to me. First off James gives me a totally different vibe. He wasn't nearly that old in the original.

Overall, I'm just not feeling like graphic style and vibe. Maybe I need to see more, but it's a SH2 remake that looks not much different than the B level Silent Hill games were we getting before like Homecoming and downpour. I just didn't feel the heart of the original Silent Hill 2 in that trailer. And it's PS5 console exclusive to boot. So trust me, I want to like it but I just don't so far.

VenomUK228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Lightning Mr Bubbles What’s your first favourite?

Kurt Russell227d ago

I have the opposite vibe to you myself. Like you, Silent Hill 2 is up as one of my favourite games of all time. But I like this new James. It was always meant to come across as a traumatic experience for him, this new James seems to sell that better.

I just have concerns with Bloober. I don't mind their games, they always are environmentally sound, but gameplay is usually a bit clumsy and limited... and their game optimisation is atrocious.

Ashunderfire86227d ago

After looking at those Unreal Engine 5 graphics you are not impress? That looks great an more facial realistic! The original Silent Hill 2 I had I played on Xbox, was clunky as heck to play at the time, but the game was awesome game and atmospheric. This one brings up more atmosphere and horror than the original. It’s what the original developers intended for the original that is what your seeing. You will eat your words my friend.

MrBaskerville227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Could use more grit though. Characters lools very clean and weirdly rubbery. But town loks neat, just hope they use that ugly looking otherworld transition from the movie, that they borrowed in both Homecoming and Downpour.

They used to transition in interesting and creative ways (Like climbing up the bell tower and emerging in another world), after the movie it just became an ugly vfx.

on_line_forever227d ago

" First off James gives me a totally different vibe. He wasn't nearly that old in the original "
yes this what I feel also after watching this trailer

" I just didn't feel the heart of the original Silent Hill 2 "


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Orchard228d ago

I need to see more before making a final judgement. I don't trust Bloober to deliver on this at all given their past games. But we'll see.

GaboonViper228d ago

Why Bloober for crying out loud.

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HyperMoused228d ago

Noooooo only PS5, tis a sad day my fellow gamers

SullysCigar228d ago

True, but it's not announced it will appear on xbox, so we'll just have wait to see what happens after a year.

CobraKai228d ago

Not for me. The joys of owning every system

Ashunderfire86227d ago

I played the original on Xbox so they will definitely have it on that platform after the exclusive deal.

mkis007227d ago

you playing it on the xbox isn't a reason it will definitely release there. It will release there because why not.

AmUnRa227d ago

No its also on PC. And Konami is working together with Sony on this one, so its PS and PC only. They're will be no Xbox version, so forget it, not in 12 months, more like never.

darthv72227d ago

...they are working with sony on the marketing, not the game development. The game will come to xbox after 12 months, but will xbox gamers be interested after seeing it be available on ps5 / pc during that time?

Ashunderfire86222d ago

You do realize that this game is time exclusive right? So yes it will come out on Series X in the future.

FPS_D3TH227d ago

It’ll be on PC too where hopefully it’s not poorly optimized. Being unreal 5 and Sonys pretty solid commitment to pc lately, I don’t doubt it’ll run solid

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