Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Steam Deck Review - Portable Treasures - The Koalition

Adam Vale of The Koalition writes: Whenever someone would ask me what’s my favorite PlayStation game franchise, I would instantly reply with Uncharted. I grew up watching Indiana Jones movies and Nathan Drake clearly exhibited many of the same characteristics such as quick one-liners, a somewhat nonchalant attitude when killing an insane number of bad guys, and of course a cool & collected demeanor.

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rbailey152d ago

An excellent port worth checking out for those who want to play these games on the go.

darthv72152d ago

...or docked to a tv. I dont have a big PC rig, but I like to use my SD as a desktop replacement. Works really good too.

Knightofelemia152d ago

PC players are missing out on the first 3 UC games I enjoy them and I am sure PC players would also enjoy them.