40 Half-Life: The Orange Box Screenshots

EA has released a total of 40 brand new screenshots for the PlayStation 3 version of Half-Life: The Orange Box. The pack will ship for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It will includes all the content of The Black Box, plus the original Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One.

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HandShandy4894d ago

On the PS3 version will all the Half Life titles (HL2, Episode 1+2,Portal, Teamfortress all be on ONE Bluray disk?

While the Xbox360 version will obviously have to split disks?

Goddam DVD-9.

xboxlj4893d ago

It is on 1 disk, Handy.

Havince4894d ago

screenshots screenshots BLOODY SCREENSHOTS, i want the drn game not being told its delayed AGAIN and then being given more screenshots

BoneMagnus4894d ago

This fall is looking mighty crowded already and though this summer looks to be far better than last summer for the 360, I was banking on this for summer fun.

HL is one of the few franchises that could stand up to Halo 3, so it should be fine - as will MGS4, but other unknown quantities like Kane and Lynch, Timeshift and other new IP's could be seeing the bargain bin sooner rather than later.

zonetrooper54893d ago

I want the game as well but i can wait, there are alot of great games coming out this year and i can't afford to buy alot of the games coming out.